Travel: A stay at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel, Scarborough


A few weeks ago I spent a wonderful weekend at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel, a luxury country house hotel in Scarborough, with one of my best friends Sammy.

I’ve known Sammy since we were cocky little girls in Year 7, so it was lovely to spend some quality time together and explore the North Yorkshire seaside! We drove to Scarborough on a fairly chilly day at the end of February and soon arrived in Scarborough. I was really surprised at just how quickly we got there, for some reason I’d got it into my head that Scarborough was a long drive away from Doncaster, but it only took us about an hour and 45 minutes. After a quick stop-off at Burger King and a delightful caramel latte, we find ourselves excited and on the Yorkshire Coast!




I’d been to Scarborough before as a child, but I had forgotten just how picturesque it is. It’s a world apart from Cleethorpes (the usual seaside of choice for a Doncastarian); the cobbled streets of Scarborough are lined with old buildings and quaint gift shops, the spiraling Yorkshire countryside in the background.

We had some time to kill before we headed off to the hotel, so we had a walk along the coast, stopping for a couple of beers in King Richard III, a medieval pub complete with a suit of armor on the wall. We then of course had to go into every arcade we came across because you know, arcades are fun. I tried to win myself a cuddly toy a few times but obviously the crane didn’t even pick the toys up. It’s a total sham, right??

scarborough arcade

The arcades in Scarborough are actually really good, there’s a LOT of them and they have a good mix of stuff to do in them including bowling and pool, so if you have kids (or you’re a big kid yourself) there’s plenty to do even when the weather isn’t great.

After a visit to a joke shop where we bought mood rings and re-lived our childhood, we stopped off for another pint in one of the best pubs I’ve ever been in. If only I could remember what it was called! It was Irish, and super cute anyway. Here we took poor-quality selfies and looked at our joke shop goodies and probably annoyed the regulars with our basic bitch antics.

carolanne johnson

Poor quality selfie time

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel

We started to get hungry around this point so decided to head off to the hotel, a short drive into the countryside and our home for the night, the Ox Pasture Hall Hotel. Now I must admit, I Googled the hell out of this hotel so I knew it was gorgeous, but I had no idea just HOW impressive it would be.

The hotel is a former country house situated between barns and out-buildings with romantic views. It’s so quiet and well-presented, Sammy and I genuinely jumped for joy as soon as we arrived, knowing it was going to be a really relaxing and luxurious stay for the two of us. I was also greeted by a very friendly ginger cat, which was probably the highlight of my day because I am a crazy cat lady. I later found out the cat is a stray that’s decided to make Ox Pasture Hall Hotel its home; I considered sneaking the cat into my bag to take home with me but this was frowned upon by my fiance when I called him.

ox pasture hall hotel


When we arrived we were greeted very politely by the staff and shown to our rooms. We waited patiently as the member of staff left before running around the room screaming because the room was UNBELIEVABLE. We stayed in a luxury suite with a double bed, bathroom and sitting room. I’ve never stayed in a hotel with my own sitting room before and I don’t think Sammy has either, so it’s safe to say we were seriously impressed with the hotel so far.





HOW beautiful is that room? It really does feel luxurious, the rooms are decorated to a high standard, the bed was possibly the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in and we even found a couple of fluffy white dressing gowns waiting for us. As the hotel is so secluded, it was completely silent aside from the sound of fountain in the forecourt that wasn’t even annoying it was so pretty. The rooms have a very ‘country house’ feel and they would be perfect for a romantic getaway.

We were starving by this point so we made our way over to the main part of the hotel to get a drink at the bar while we waited for our reservation time to come.

Finally it was time to eat and we entered a large, delightful dining room which slowly became more busy as time went on. We were kindly given a bottle of sparkling wine and and began our dinner.

ox pasture hall hotel

ox pasture hall hotel

To start I had this delicious goats cheese and beetroot tart, and Sammy had the soup. I was impressed although it was a little too beetrooty for my tastes. Sammy enjoyed her soup, which I believe was tomato.

Shortly after finishing our starters, our mains arrived, looking pretty wonderful.



Sammy had the duck and I had beef; we were both bowled over by the mains. They were presented so well and tasted amazing. I really would recommend the food at Ox Pasture Hall, even if you don’t stay! For dessert I had a chocolate fondant but I forgot to take a photograph as I’d drank quite a lot of wine by this point and ya know, chocolate arrived. Sammy had a cheeseboard that looked this good:

ox pasture hall hotel

We made our way to bed not long after our meal for a good night’s sleep. We both slept really well; it was probably the best sleep I’d had for a while. We had breakfast in the morning, which was a continental buffet, with a range of hot foods available such as full English breakfasts and omelettes.

Sadly, it was time to leave Ox Pasture Hall Hotel and we made our way home, after stopping for a quick trip to Scarborough Castle which was very interesting and gave us the opportunity to see some beautiful views of Scarborough.



I would definitely recommend anyone visiting Scarborough to stay at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel; it’s perfect for couples and friends, though it might not be ideal for those with small children (although you’d probably rather leave them behind, anyway!).



*I was invited to stay at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel, but all hotel and Scarborough love my own.