The Stressed-Out Bride: 4 Ways To Stay Calm And Enjoy The Experience

Planning a wedding can be fun and exciting. It’s likely to be the biggest occasion you’ve ever organised, and you get to have the starring role. For the very same reasons, it can also be tiring and stressful. Not everyone likes the limelight and tackling all the arrangements takes a military-like precision.

If you feel burned out and stressed, try some of the following tips to find your calm and enjoy this experience.

Ask For Help

When you initially get engaged, you were bursting with ideas and ways to do things differently. You put together a scrapbook, made lists, created Pinterest boards and flipped through a small army of wedding magazines. But slowly, over time, you’ve become jaded. Who knew there were so many choices?

It’s time to ask for help. There are many people you can turn to. Though preparations traditionally fall to the bride and her family, it’s only fair to expect the groom to share some of the burdens. Work to each of your strengths and divide tasks accordingly.

Your maid of honour or bridesmaids can also help. Though they have their traditional duties, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask if they can do more.

Beyond that, you can also reach out to your own family and to the wider wedding party. No-one can do everything. You already have a full-time job and a full life; all of this is extra. The more people you have around you who can take on some of the responsibilities, the quicker everything can be completed.

Work With Experts

It can be tempting to go with a supplier because they offer a product or service at a reduced price. However, in many cases, this may be because their service is inferior. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Always work with reputable suppliers who demonstrate knowledge and experience in their area. If you’re unsure, ask for testimonials. This will save a lot of stress and time in the long run.

Experts can also guide you and provide invaluable advice. For example, Inspired Design wedding invitations or other brands will explain the options and processes, allowing you to make an informed choice.

Make The Preparations Fun

Try not to see everything as a job to be completed. Combine the planning with having fun.

  • If you’re visiting a wedding fair, combine it with a stay in a local hotel and go out for dinner.
  • Making a decision on sample invitations or place settings doesn’t have to be done at home and accompanied with an argument. Go for a coffee or a lazy lunch and take the samples with you.
  • Arrange for tasting sessions when planning meal choices or the wedding cake.

Take A Break

When you’re caught up in the midst of planning, it’s easy to forget that you have another life waiting for you. Take regular breaks away from arrangements and wedding talk. Go on dates with your groom to be and celebrate your engagement. Get your friends together and do something fun.

Taking time just for yourself is also important. Find the things that you have always enjoyed and do them often. Take long bubble baths, go for a massage, or go for a dog walk or run. Use whatever methods you have at your disposal to help you feel calm and soothed.

Weddings are celebrations and an opportunity to gather your friends and family around you as you make a commitment. They’re about love, promises, and having fun. Take steps to honour this and find ways to reduce the stresses.