Summer Hair Trends Created with Donald Scott NYC Tools

The spring and summer seasons are when more people spend time outdoors and soak up the sun. For both men and women, it’s a time to get a new haircut and a makeover for the warmer months ahead. When you want to look modern and trendy with your appearance, there are a few hairstyles to embrace for the spring and summer when you want a change.

Long Bob with Thinned Ends

Although long bobs were thick and chunky in past seasons, it’s now popular to have ends that are thin for added texture and movement. The hairstyle is edgy and chic for women who want to try a new look that will look beautiful with beachy waves that are sultry. You can add a bit of product in the hair to make the strands look tousled and more voluminous. The look can be achieved with razor cutting techniques when you want an imperfect style to your locks.

Birkin-esque Bangs

Bangs shape the face and look girly with the extra texture that is created for those who want to have a makeover with their mane. Celebs like Jessica Biel has been seen with the new haircut for spring, which is easy to style and makes the face look fresh. The choppy bangs are created with razor cutting techniques to prevent them from looking too perfect or sleek. They style is perfect for those who have thick hair, which will make a statement with the chunky bangs. You’ll enjoy having your hair look a bit messy and imperfect when you begin to spend more time staying active outside.

Bangs with Curls

Men and women who have curly hair can feel limited with the hairstyles that they’re able to rock, but getting bangs will prove to look attractive in the spring and summer seasons. Allow the bangs to fall in front of your face, which will make your hairstyle to look natural and organic.

Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical bobs with blunt ends are chic and cool for the modern women who wants to appear fierce with her mane. Visit a hairstylist that will use razor cutting techniques to trim the edges and allow them to look sleek and fall effortlessly on the shoulders.

The Rachel Chop

The Rachel hairdo from the ’90s has officially made a comeback with celebrities like Hailey Baldwin rocking the popular look. The hairstyle is long and messy with layers that don’t need to look perfect to look trendy. The flipped layers shape the face and soften harsh edges, which can complement round or heart-shaped faces.

Layered Lob

Layered lobs are flirty and fun with the length and edgy cut. Those who want to have different looks can enjoy the length of the lob, which still allows it to be long enough to put into a ponytail.

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