Ten things all 90’s girls loved

As a generation we are obsessed with 90’s nostalgia, and why not? Being born in 1988, the 90’s was my childhood, and so the decade will always be close to my heart. The colour, the pop music, the fun, and of course, girl power! In the name of nostalgia, here are ten things all 90’s girls loved…

The Spice Girls

Growing up as a girl in the 90’s, it was impossible not to be impacted by pop-powerhouse The Spice Girls. I was 8 when ‘Wannabe’ came crashing onto my TV and I distinctly remember a full-page spread in the newspaper where I announced to my mum that this band (sorry Boyzone), were my new favourites.

We fought over which Spice Girl we were, we spent every playtime practising dance moves, we BEGGED our mothers to buy us THAT Geri dress, but most importantly, we felt we were part of something bigger. As girls, we were important, we had GIRL POWER. I genuinely believe the girl power movement has contributed to the confident, self-assured generation we are today. The current UK tour is proving how much love there is for the Spice Girls, with women in their 30’s dressing up as their favourite Spice to sing and dance the night away.

The Spice Girls memorabilia

We bought anything if it had the Spice Girls’ faces on it. Impulse body spray (absolute classic), every magazine available, mugs, pencil cases, photos and photo albums (I never did collect them all), hair brushes, dolls, magnets, key rings, THAT LUNCHBOX, Pepsi cans and Walkers crisps.

There’s something quintessentially British about Walkers crisps, and this year the Spice Girls are working with them again to find Walkers Spice Girls Best Ever Fan UK, take a look at the fab new advert below – so much nostalgia!

Tamagotchi virtual pets

EVERY girl in my primary school had some version of virtual pet, but you couldn’t beat the original Tamagotchi. How long could you keep yours alive? It was the height of technological sophistication, and I proudly recall keeping one of my ‘cat’ pets alive for a whole two weeks, before I got bored and forgot about it, oops. Amazingly, Tamagotchi is also coming back, so you can relive the 90’s like never before!

Those creepy alien egg toys

Where did we all find them? Where did they go? Did Samantha from Class 1 REALLY make them have babies? Will we ever find out?

Inflatable furniture

You were the coolest girl in school if your bedroom was kitted out with inflatable furniture. I proudly decorated my room with a purple armchair and a pink inflatable bin – which seems like a bad idea.

The Queen’s Nose

The Queen’s Nose was a BBC programme in which a girl had a magical 50 pence piece (random) that granted wishes – but in very unpredictable ways! I absolutely loved this show, was it your favourite?

Glitter everything

Glitter WAS fashion. Glitter hairspray for the Year 5 disco, glitter hair mascara for Year 6, glitter hair clips, glitter nail polish, glitter face and body roll-ons, glitter glitter glitter!

Butterfly clips

Of course you had to finish off the look with butterfly clips. The more the better!

Making things out of cardboard

After being inspired by Art Attack or Blue Peter. We didn’t have the internet, OK?

Girl Talk Magazine

Girl Talk magazine was everything: sweet, entertaining and it always came with some kind of free body glitter or butterfly clip, perfect! A bit later we moved onto Mizz, then CosmoGirl and Smash!Hits. Magazines were the internet we have today!

What do you remember and love from the 90’s? I’d love to hear your faves!

*This is a sponsored post but all 90’s nostalgia my own*