Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails To Write Home About

There are so many reasons to stretch your knowledge and try a few new cocktails. Maybe you’ve started making them at home and want to improve your list of go-to mixes. Maybe you and your friends hit a cocktail bar every Friday after work and you want to start showing off. Maybe you fancy the mixologist behind the bar and want to grab his attention with an off the menu request? Whatever you reasons, it is totally worth learning some new drinks. But you need not look to far, because some of the greatest cocktails are the old ones, many of which slowly coming back into fashion. Take a look…

Death In The Gulf Stream

This was made famous by none other than Hemingway. He adored this drink. The most important thing to remember about this drink is that there should be no sugar on it, or an absolute minimum if you are hellbent on sinning. It’s tart and bitter and totally disarming. It refreshes and revives and inspires something in you.

What’s in it: Well, genever, lime juice and angostura bitters. That’s it. And all you need to do is add them together, add some ice, shake shake shake and then serve.

Moscow Mules

There is so much to love about Moscow mules, from its Hollywood history, its pre-prohibition status and the fact it should always be served in a copper mug. It is the epitome of cool. It has swagger and style and demands people to question what you are drinking and where you can get it from.

Moscow mules explained: it is vodka and spicy ginger beer and lime juice garnished with a slice of the sour green fruit too. But please don’t forget the copper mug. You need the copper mug in order for it to taste right and look perfect. That’s part of its game.

Monkey Gland

This isn’t just a delicious drink, this is a story. This is one of those drinks where, if you know it’s origins off by heart, can lead you to becoming the centrepiece of any party. It can see the crowd around you grow with widening eyes and that is exactly what we want from a drink. It is a classic from that almighty era we know as the prohibition-era, and it was thought up in paris, more specifically at Harry’s New York Bar. But the reason it was thought up is where it really gets going. It was was made for men with um’, let’s say, performance issues. The testicle of a monkey was supposed to reinvigorate them enough to once again enjoy a long night of good old fashioned fun.

Talk to me about it: grenadine, gin, absinthe and orange juice, all of which brings about a most fascinating colour and a gorgeous taste.


Yet another classic drink from that pre-prohibition era. Back then this was all the rage, and it goes back a long-long way. In fact, given how it appeared in turn on the century literature, it easily dates back to the 1800s which simply means this thing has history. It is however a divisive drink in the sense that some people find its bold and rich flavours slightly overwhelming. However, others love it.

Keep chattering: Well, it’s a mix of dry gin, vermouth, orange bitters and green Chartreuse, and it is amazing.