The Apothecary Salon Tickhill: An Honest Review

My first thought when I entered The Apothecary Salon in Tickhill was ‘WOW’.

Picture it: It was a dark, rainy morning in Doncaster and I’d been invited to try out a treatment at a new salon in Tickhill. I’d lost my umbrella in the pub that weekend so as I ran for the bus I got drenched, and as I had never been to Tickhill before and have no sense of direction, I was pretty flustered by the time I actually arrived at the salon.

Situated in the heart of the charming village of Tickhill, The Apothecary Salon is a stunning, relaxing sanctuary from everyday life. It’s a haven, it’s a spa, and it’s possibly the most beautiful salon I’ve ever visited.

On arrival I was greeted by the very-lovely founder and owner Lindsey, who began by working alone from a home salon in Tickhill. Speaking to Lindsey, it’s clear to see how passionate she is about creating a soothing and rejuvenating atmosphere for clients, and providing tailored treatments for both men and women. A calming influence, I began to feel more relaxed as soon as I arrived and Lindsey talked me through the treatment I was about to experience.

I was there to try the Tranquillity Pro Sleep Massage, a unique treatment that, through the beneficial stimulation of three sensory pathways (smell, hearing and touch) helps the body to recover from stressful situations, the side effects of jetlag and improves the quality of rest and sleep.

Using beautifully smelling [comfort zone] products, this massage uses a combination of touch along with the use of brushes (shown below) to stimulate the nerve fibres. This slow, repetitive motion promotes a state of peace and a profound release from the state of alertness. As you experience this heavenly treatment, hypnotic music is played, slowly lulling you into a state of ultimate relaxation.

It’s not just all about relaxation, though; the massage has a range of health benefits including a slowing down of the heart and more profound breathing, the easing of muscles and improved micro-circulation.

The massage lasted for around an hour, and as I laid happily in a dark, dreamy treatment room I was only sorry the massage didn’t last for longer! Luckily, Lindsey and the team welcome clients to stay as long as they’d like. I was politely informed to take my time after the treatment was over, and as I slowly roused myself out into the main part of the salon, I found a pot of Bluebird Tea waiting for me in the relaxation area – an area specifically for clients to use after or in-between treatments. To match my treatment, I tried ‘Dozy Girl’, a soothing, sleepy time blend of chamomile, lavender and rose – absolutely delicious!

I recently discussed how visiting a spa can help to improve your mental health, and this is something that I fully endorse. I had an incredible experience at The Apothecary Salon. The treatment was one of the best I have ever had, but it was the overall experience that impressed me so much. At so many salons you are rushed in and out so they can get to their next client; The Apothecary Salon is the complete opposite to that.

The girls spend time making sure you are comfortable, happy and relaxed, and they encourage you to take your time and stay awhile. I admit I had to force myself to leave the sanctuary of the spa to go back out into rainy Doncaster and I could have happily spent the day having treatments there. But, alas, life called and I had to go back to reality.

If you’re looking for a salon to visit in Doncaster I can definitely recommend The Apothecary Salon; they have a range of treatments for men and women and they even have a treat card for regular customers. I’ll be back soon!

*I was gifted a treatment in exchange for an honest review but all words, opinions and images my own*