The Best Tips For Planning A Wedding In A Year

A wedding is quite possibly one of the most important occasions of your life and one which you’ll remember forever. Many of us hope only to have to do it once, and it’s something that should be a memorable experience when planning. The timings of planning a wedding can vary, with some doing it within a matter of months, to others planning two to three years in advance. If you’re doing it within a year, here are some of the best tips that will make the experience a bit more stress-free.

Take A Look At The Budget

Planning a wedding within a year may not have been something that was originally planned, or you may have been saving for your dream wedding since you started earning money. Whatever your savings look like, it’s a good opportunity to look at what you do have that’s available and to set out a clear budget. This can be laid out on an excel spreadsheet or on a noticeboard at home. Lay it all out and all the things you’ll need to go towards this special day. Don’t forget anything and double-check with those who’ve gotten married to give you their list of things to buy and organize. It can be easy to forget some things, especially if this is your first time planning a wedding. Always budget over on everything so that there are no nasty surprises when it comes to purchasing certain things for the wedding.

Research Your Catering And Bar Requirements

Next up are your catering and bar services. When it comes to impressing your guests, this is where you really want your wedding to stand out. Businesses like the Bartender Company are a fine example of having a luxury service at such an important event. Your guests will likely remember the food you serve and the drinks you provide for the wedding. Look at what’s available locally to you and what the venue may restrict you from picking. Some venues will have vendors that they regularly use so that there are fewer chances for things to go wrong and for vendors to simply not show up to cater for the wedding itself. Think about your wedding guest list and any major dietary requirements or allergies that will need to be catered for.

Get Dress Shopping Now

The wedding dress is one of the most important aspects of the wedding. You want your dress to reflect your style and personality. This day is the opportunity to really go to town on your dress and to pick something that you feel beautiful and confident in. As you’ve only got a year to plan, get dress shopping now. It’s the best timescale for you to buy a dress and you’ll need to be able to head back for fittings closer to the time. Dresses at the very least take six months to prepare. Otherwise, you risk having to buy off a sample rack which not only limits your choices but also provides more pressure on you when it comes to picking one out from a limited range.

Be Selective With Your Guest List

The guest list for your wedding will always be a stressful part because you may have to be strict with your selections. Think honestly about your day and who you want there to celebrate. Not everyone you know will be able to come to your wedding day, and that’s ok. Anyone who kicks up a fuss about not being invited will likely have not been someone you stayed in touch with anyway. 

Find Help In Friends And Family

Friends and family will all be willing to help out when it comes to your wedding. If your budget is looking a little limited or you want some homemade touches to your day, then see what your nearest and dearest are talented at and can provide. If you don’t have wedding dressers for the day, then you may want to think about getting in a few extra helping hands to get on board with the setup.

Have A Plan B For Everything

And finally, it’s always worth prepping for the worst, even though no one would want the worst to happen. For example, if on the day it rains, you should have an alternative area to be married or to supply umbrellas for you and your guests to use.

A wedding day is a wonderful event, so plan with excitement and relish in the day because it will very much fly by.

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