Life: The February Playlist

february playlist

This month has been a crazily busy and exciting one for me. It’s my birthday month, so along with turning 27 (eek!) and celebrating the event with my closest family and friends, I was treated to a mini break in Dublin with my boyfriend to see my all time favourite band, Interpol. It’s been a time of transition at work; I’m feeling more confident and happy in my role, and to top it off, this month my boyfriend and I got engaged! So to celebrate this amazing month, I’ve complied ‘The February Playlist’, a post that will be reoccurring every month to celebrate the best new music and personal favourites of each month.

So here’s what I’ve mainly been listening to in February:


1. Peace – ‘Lost on Me’

I saw Peace recently at Queen’s Social Club in Sheffield. I knew a fair bit about them but hadn’t spent much time listening to their music until I saw them live, but I have to say, they blew me away. Queen’s Social Club is a really small and intimiate venue, and the atmosphere was electric. I’d never head ‘1998 (Delicious)’ before, which was featured on EP Delicious – but it was incredible live and really proves how much Peace stand out compared to their contemporaries. ‘Lost on Me’ is a recent release from the band’s second album Happy, and the video is fantastic.

 2. Interpol – Everything is Wrong

I was treated to seeing Interpol in Dublin for my birthday early this month, and they did not disappoint! Interpol are my favourites and I have a huge soft spot for Paul Banks and Daniel Kessler. ‘Everything is Wrong’ is taken from their latest album El Pintor.

 3. The Cribs – ‘An Ivory Hand’

I’m seeing The Cribs tomorrow night in Sheffield for the third (or fourth?) time, which I am very excited about as they are always brilliant and totally on form. This new track has a definite Weezer sound to it, which makes sense as the song, along with the new album, was produced with Weezer producer Rik Ocasek. I really like this track and it’s interesting to see The Cribs try something a little different.

 4. Courtney Barnett – ‘Pedestrian at Best’

I was only introduced to this song yesterday, and already I have listened to it 10 times. Courtney Barnett is an upcoming Australian artist and I have high hopes for her. This song is exactly the kind of ‘girl rock’ I love and I’m definitely thinking of snapping up some tickets for her upcoming gig in Sheffield.

5. Marina and the Diamonds – ‘I’m a Ruin’

I’m a huge Marina and the Diamonds fan, and I love how her team markets her new releases. In this case, for her new album Froot, Marina has been releasing one song a month until the album is released in April. ‘I’m a Ruin’ is her latest release and I’m really looking forward to hearing the rest of her new stuff.