The five most increasingly popular ways to enhance your smile

Let’s face it – in today’s thoroughly ‘Instagrammed’ world, there are enough things about our looks to feel insecure about. You may be self-conscious about your weight, scars, stretch marks… the list goes on. It’s something that we probably all suffer from to some extent.

It’s probably especially easy, though, to find yourself worrying about your smile. You can’t avoid showing your face in day-to-day life, after all!

It’s therefore no surprise to me that a wide range of dental and other cosmetic treatments have gained popularity recently, among those wishing to ensure they can smile with confidence again. So, I thought I’d take a look at five of the most sought-after, with a little help from Ten Dental, a leading cosmetic dentist in Balham.

Composite bonding

Many of us have irregularly shaped teeth or gaps between our teeth that might make us hesitant to smile at times. Thankfully, composite bonding treatments exist to repair broken, chipped or fractured teeth with tooth-coloured composite resin. The resin can be sculpted to the shape that you desire and is a natural colour too, so only those who know you well will even realise you’ve had work done.  

Professional teeth whitening

Sure, there are a lot of ways you can whiten your teeth these days – or at least, products that claim to convincingly whiten your teeth – but for the very best results, you really do have to turn to a professional. You can have a dentist custom-create a tooth whitening treatment that you can then take home and apply; alternatively, ‘power whitening’ has also been popularised in recent times, and can be done during a lunch hour.


These wafer-thin slivers of porcelain are bonded onto a tooth’s front surface to conceal what may be a crooked, worn-down or discoloured tooth. While veneers are strong and hardwearing, they also have a translucent appearance akin to tooth enamel, so you can depend on a natural-looking end result. Once applied to your teeth, veneers tend to last for about nine to 15 years.


Did you know that when a tooth is lost or extracted, the teeth that previously surrounded it can shift – sometimes remarkably quickly? Such a change in tooth position can bring about bite or gum problems, which is why the swift replacement of a lost tooth is often advised by dentists. Both fixed and removable bridges are possible solutions, although dentures or dental implants may also be suitable. Alternatively, in some cases a dentist may advise that a gap is left as it is, provided that it isn’t an aesthetic concern.

Lip fillers

It isn’t just your teeth that dictate how your smile looks, of course! This helps to explain why lip filler treatments have also come to be in great demand lately. If you have thin lips or they don’t seem as full and defined as they once were, they might be well worth considering. The treatment lasts around 45 minutes, and involves the injection of filler into the treatment area; you’ll also be able to return to work within about 24 hours, and will look great doing it!

The best cosmetic treatments don’t come cheap, though, which is why I would also urge anyone contemplating any of the above procedures to consider what kind of service they can expect given their budget. The Dental Guide website has a great rundown of some of the factors that you need to consider when assessing the cost of cosmetic dentistry, and I would very much echo that advice.

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