The Friday Five: 19 November 2015

the friday five

Can it really be that time again? The Friday Five already?! It only feels like five minutes since I last posted my Friday Five on A Literary Cocktail!

This week has gone so fast I can barely remember what I’ve even been doing. To be honest, apart from working, I’ve mainly been cocooning myself on the sofa in my house, escaping the weather and catching up with my other half, Netflix.

With that in mind, expect this Friday Five to be mostly full of things that can be enjoyed from the comforts of your hibernation place of choice.

The Apprentice

Every year I watch The Apprentice I think it can’t top the last one, but I’m wrong every time! I absolutely adore this show and it never fails to entertain. This year my favourite candidate is Selina; I have no idea why everyone seems to hate her, I think she seems lovely when she’s not being ignored or shouted at. She definitely has the resting bitch face going on though, something I, too, am afflicted with…

This movie blog

OK, so I am a little biased as this is my boyfriend’s blog, but I think it’s brilliant. Rob Watches Movies is an in-depth, regularly updated film blog featuring reviews of every film he watches, along with top 10-style posts, special features and a bit of music thrown in. If you’re into films I highly recommend you give it a read!

Phantom Cinema, Doncaster

Tonight I am going to see David Lynch’s Blue Velvet at the Phantom Cinema in Doncaster, a unique monthly cinema night held upstairs at Doncaster Brewery. The last time I visited I saw Jan Švankmajer’s Alice (1988), a truly weird and wonderful adaptation of my all-time favourite book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

The Phantom Cinema feels like a secret club; the screening room is hidden beyond the brewery and up some windy stairs, and there is a distinct feeling of oneness as you buy a pint (Doncaster’s own), take a seat and listen to the organisers discuss how passionate they are about film. I am really looking forward to tonight’s showing, and I’m bringing some friends along too!

Hen-do planning


Me and my group of girls have now finally booked our tickets to my hen-do in Lille, which I could not be more excited about!! I adore France and I feel so lucky to be going away with such a lovely bunch of ladies. It’s going to be a wonderful weekend full of culture, food, wine, and willy straws 😉

This book

not that kind of girl

I’m currently reading Not That Kind Of Girl by Lena Dunham and it’s so good. I gave up on Girls a while ago, but after reading this book I think I’ll give it another go. Lena’s writing style is so honest it really feels like she’s there with you telling you all of her secrets at a late night sleepover. I’m going to do a proper review on this once I’ve finished.

What are you loving this week?