The Friday Five: 8 January 2016

the friday five

Welcome to the first Friday Five of 2016! Here’s some great links and lovely stuff for you to check out this week.

Radiohead proving just how amazing they really are

Radiohead were asked to write the theme tune for the latest James Bond movie Spectre. For some crazy reason it wasn’t used, but Radiohead being Radiohead, they released it to fans for free just before Christmas. You can listen to it on Soundcloud here.

Making a Murderer


If you haven’t heard of this, where have you been?! Making a Murderer is the new Serial; a 10 part crime documentary on Netflix telling the story of Steven Avery, a man who was put in prison for 18 years for a crime he did not commit. I watched 8 hours of this the first day, and then 2 hours the next to finish it off. Each episode is an hour long. Yes, I sat in my living room and watched Making a Murderer for 8 hours straight. It’s that good. And I am a little obsessed with murder documentaries…


My lovely little sister, Melissa, has set up her own blog and it’s all about bees, butterflies and all things fluttery. It’s a lovely blog for anyone interested in nature and creatures. Melissa knows all about conservation, nature and animals and is an expert in bees – her articles are fun and interesting. Go take a look – visit the BeeLady.

The January Sales

This is the first year I have ever bought anything in the January sales (crazy, I know, right?) I usually spend the period between Christmas and New Year’s with different family members but this time I spent it at home which meant there was lots of time to do a bit of sales shopping (and binge-watching murder programmes). I got some amazing things from Boohoo this year including this dress which I wore on New Year’s Eve. There are still some good sales on at Boohoo right now if you want to snap some things up!

Getting my health thang on

Sometimes I take moody photos of my morning commute to make it look more glam.

Sometimes I take moody photos of my morning commute to make it look more glam.

Yes, it’s that time of year again, it’s time to get healthy. I spent the majority of my two week holiday merrily sloshed, full of red wine and cheese. Now, the horrifying realisation that I am getting married in JUST SIX MONTHS has set in and I’ve realised I better stop living on boxes of Celebrations and spiced cider. So this means, back to healthy eating, lots of greens, and very little alcohol. I’m kinda-sorta doing Dry January, but mainly for health reasons, and I will be having a couple of days off as my Dad is bringing some wedding wine round to try, and I have a hen do too *SPA TIME!*. So far I’ve been doing well; planning my meals and listening to the sage advice of my sister is helping. Also being back at work is really helping. Who knew you would function so much better alcohol-free? Wish me luck, and don’t encourage me to drink!

If you have any tips for being healthy, getting ready for your wedding or have any crime documentary recommendations let me know please!