The Lazy Girl’s Guide to the Perfect BBQ with Gin Cocktails

Summer is in full swing and there’s nothing us Brits like better than a good old BBQ! If you’re anything like me, you have no idea how to use an actual BBQ – without sounding like an anti-feminist most of the time it seems to be the men who are in charge of the meat. But, why should they be? If you don’t know where to start on hosting the perfect BBQ (or if like me, you’re a little bit lazy), then here are some really easy tips and buys so you can have your own this weekend!

Choose an easy to use BBQ

Traditional BBQs take forever to get started and make everything smell smokey – so forget those and invest in an easy to use BBQ like this one from Andrew James. The one I use is a ‘Deluxe BBQ Grill’ and runs on electric, so there’s no smoke and no waiting!

andrew james electric bbq

After I ordered it, it came in parts and I was a little worried about assembling it, but I shouldn’t have; it’s incredibly simple to put together and didn’t take long at all. Similarly, it is easy to take apart, and due to its light weight, it is also ideal for taking on camping trips.

All you need to get it working is a little bit of water and a mains supply: just plug it in and go! The grill will warm up and there you have it, pop your desired meat/vegetarian options and you’re good to go.

Get the right summer drinks in

If your aim is to have an on-trend BBQ, then gin should be your drink of choice. Gin is incredibly popular these days, and there has never been a better selection! Don’t forget about the classic brands though like Gordon’s Gin. Gordon’s Gin is one of the oldest; back in the 1700s Gordon’s was one of only four London properties crafting gin, and now almost 250 years later they sell two bottles of gin every second. There’s a reason Gordon’s Gin has done so well – alongside juniper, Gordon’s Gin has just three other botanicals – coriander, angelica root and liquorice – each fastidiously balanced to create that distinctive refreshing, crisp taste.

Wow your guests with gin cocktails

If the name of this blog didn’t give it away, I love a cocktail! To really impress your guests without putting in too much effort, serve up these gin cocktails as they arrive. They’ll love it!

gordons gin cocktail bbq

Elderflower & Tonic

50ml Gordon’s with a spot of Elderflower

100ml tonic water
A twist of lemon rind
Cubed ice


Fill a glass with ice cubes. Pour 50ml of Gordon’s with a spot of Elderflower
over the ice and top with chilled tonic. Finally, simply drop in a twist of
lemon rind, and give it a stir. The perfect start to your evening.

Dry Gin Martini


50ml of Gordon’s gin
15ml dry vermouth
Green olives
Crushed ice


To prepare, stir the vermouth into the gin until mixed, add the ice and stir
again. Strain into martini cocktail glass and garnish with a green olive.

Gordon’s Mojito


50ml Gordon’s gin
3 lime wedges
3 teaspoons of sugar
Crushed ice
Apple juice
Mint to garnish


Add your Gordon’s gin, lime wedges, and sugar with a few mint leaves to a
highball glass, and muddle together. Fill with a slew of crushed ice, top up
with apple juice and garnish the cocktail with a sprig of fresh mint.

Ruby Cooler


50ml Gordon’s gin
100ml cranberry juice
Top up with ginger ale
Cubed ice
Raspberries to garnish


Fill a highball glass with lots of ice, pour over your Gordon’s gin and the
cranberry juice, then top up with ginger ale. For the finishing touch, garnish with fresh raspberries (or a wedge of lime). Serve in a highball glass.

*Some products were gifted to me to review*