The ONLY Things Your Guests Will Actually Remember About Your Wedding

When planning a wedding, you want to make sure that it goes off without a hitch. But savvy couples also have an eye on legacy too: the lasting impression that their wedding will have on their guests.

Many couples tend to sweat the details when it comes to their weddings and wants to plan everything out in minute detail ahead of time. But guests are unlikely to notice the small things – they’re much more interested in the experience as a whole. Here are the things that they’ll actually remember about your big day.

The Venue

As far as wedding decisions go, your choice of venue is one of the largest. Pick the right one, and guests will thank you for it. Pick the wrong one, and you’ll give them a day that they’d sooner forget (or remember for all the wrong reasons).

The list of things that guests want from a venue is actually quite short. First and foremost, they want great food. If the venue serves up microwaved food brought in from a low-quality outside caterer, your guests will be disappointed. Likewise, if a hotel serves up greasy meat or undercooked potatoes, the people at your wedding will be disappointed and an essential part of your big day will be ruined.

Unsurprisingly, people also want venues to have excellent bathroom facilities. When choosing a site, pay particular attention to the toilets. Hand towels, clean bowls, and fresh soap are a must.

It’s a good idea, therefore, to pick a venue that you have some experience of, or that somebody you know has used recently. Ideally, you want first-hand knowledge of the food to ensure that it’s of a sufficient standard and that the venue can scale to feed hundreds of guests.

The Speeches

Wedding speeches have become practically ubiquitous, with everyone from the father of the bride to the best man expected to contribute. But be sure that you get your wedding speeches right; otherwise, people could remember them for all the wrong reasons.

The riskiest of all speeches is that of the best man. Best man speeches can be epic if they judge the tone of the wedding correctly. But the last thing you want is somebody making inappropriate jokes in front of conservative family members. If possible, try to tone down the best man’s speech so that it fits in with the atmosphere of the wedding and the people in attendance.

The Photos

Photos are an essential part of any wedding and the primary way in which it will be remembered. Choosing a great photographer is, therefore, imperative. So too, however, is the format in which your photos are taken.

Many young couples are now investigating photo booth hire for their weddings. With a photo booth, you can recreate intimate, repeatable photographs with multiple people on your big day, sharing up-close photos with you and your spouse.

The Vows

Some couples stick with the tried-and-tested “til death do us part” vows. But there is an increasing number of couples experimenting by writing their own, communicating how they feel about their partner in detail.

Homemade vows aren’t just about communicating romantic feelings; they’re also about how both people in the couple will commit to creating a partnership in life. People are much more likely to remember vows that contain genuine proclamations than they are those which are just reading off a script.

The Grub

Wedding food has a bad rap, but it doesn’t need to be disappointing. If you get the food right, you can create a great impression and give your attendees something to remember when they get back to their regular lives.

The main reason wedding food turns out poorly is that venues simply don’t have the facilities to process a large number of dishes in a short space of time. Most establishments only host one or two weddings a month, meaning that it doesn’t pay to maintain large kitchens. Venue managers often choose to get food cooked off-site and then ship it in via van.

Obviously, when food isn’t prepared fresh on-site, it loses some of its flavour and texture – not what you want. So if you want the food at your venue to be remembered for the right reasons, it’s prudent to seek out venues that regularly cater for large numbers of guests.

When seeking out a venue, casually ask the owner how many large events they typically do catering for each month. If they say that it’s a rare thing, then you may be taking more of a risk. Many owners offer wedding venues, but for them, the food is a minor afterthought. The main service they offer – as they see it – is to provide space.

Unless you’re dead set on a particular venue, keep an open mind and choose those which cater to large groups regularly – they are the most likely to offer great food in the volume you need.

The Seating

Nothing is more annoying than being sat at a wedding with people you know nothing about or, worse still, can’t stand. Couples, therefore, need to think carefully about seating arrangements.

You don’t just have to sit people who know each other next to one another. In fact, guests are more likely to remember the interactions that they have with new and interesting people. Think carefully in advance who might get on well together and where new relationships are likely to flourish.

The After Party

Weddings are all about celebrating the love of the couple getting married. So what better way to do it than with a great big party to conclude events? Guests will remember your choice of music and, if you get it right, thank you for it.

It’s worth pointing out that people remember both the good and bad things about a wedding, but the bad stuff can dominate. Steering clear of obvious faux-pas is the best way to avoid guest disappointment on the day and ensure that they view your wedding in a positive light.

*Collaborative post*