The Week Before The Big Day: Tips For The Bride To Be

Its days before the big day and excitement is reaching fever point. It won’t be long before you are striding down the aisle to the sound of the Wedding March (or whatever music you have chosen) and you will soon be married. Kate Middleton (or Megan Markle) eat your heart out! By now much of your planning will have been completed. You will have booked your honeymoon; you will have chosen from a range of wedding dresses, and the venue should be primed for your arrival. Still, to ensure your wedding day is as perfect as it can possibly be, there are a few things you probably still need to do before you finally tie the knot. Here are some things to leave to the last week!

Give a to-do list to your hired help

Whether it’s a wedding planner or your overeager mother-in-law, reduce some of your stress by handing over some of the preparation tasks to the hired hands that are there to assist you.

Test-drive your outfit

You want to be comfortable on your big day, so before you walk down the aisle, practice your moves in your full ensemble. Put on your wedding dress, break in your shoes, and ensure everything still fits as it should.

Double-check everything

You’ve booked the venue, sorted the honeymoon, and ordered the wedding cake. Fine! However, mistakes do happen, so don’t run the risk of a last-minute problem. Double-check that all is still going to plan, ensuring orders haven’t been forgotten and that there are no mix-ups with any of your bookings. Even treble-check if need be, giving you some peace of mind before the big day arrives.

Chase up your guest list

Why do people do everything last minute? We don’t know, but you can guarantee there will still be people who haven’t RSVP’d. It’s time to give them a deadline, as you do need to make sure you have enough room to seat everybody at the church and at the reception. If they still haven’t replied the day before the wedding? Tell them “sorry, but it’s standing room only for you.” It’s their own fault, after all!

Check up on the groom

You’re ready and raring to go, but men are notoriously disorganised. Have they got their outfit sorted? Have they remembered to book time off work? Are they having last-minute jitters? Are they happy with the wedding plans? Spend time with your man, gently remind him of the things he needs to do before the big day, and thrust a to-do list into the hands of the best man.

Assign wedding day tasks

You should have had help in the lead up to the wedding, but there are all those little things that need sorting out. Who is going to watch the kids? Who will look after the wedding gifts? Who will assist with the clean-up after the reception? You will be too busy looking glam on the big day to worry about some of these details, so appoint these tasks to others.

Finally, when all the final checks and preparations have been completed, make time to relax. Your wedding will be awesome, but you need time to rest beforehand to ensure you are in tip-top shape on the day. Calm your nerves by spending time with your best mates and family, or take time alone to mentally prepare yourself ready for this life-changing moment in your life.  wisIh you every success!