Life: Things I should stop doing when I feel sad

feeling sad

  1. Listening to Elliott Smith.
  2. Stalking the Instagram accounts of strangers who are skinnier/prettier/more popular than I am.
  3. Stalking the same strangers’ Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Blog and coming to the conclusion that their life is as perfect as it looks online.
  4. Comparing my life to strangers whose main source of income appears to be posting selfies.
  5. Drinking a bottle of wine, or downing far too many drinks in a short space of time and becoming not only sad, but drunk (which we all know makes you a reasonable person to be around).
  6. Taking drunk selfies.
  7. Staying in bed for as long as possible.
  8. Ignoring my messages.
  9. Ignoring my responsibilities.
  10. Avoiding people.
  11. Feeling lonely.
  12. Not calling anyone.
  13. Eating a tub of ice cream and feeling sad that I’m such a cliche.
  14. Spending my feelings.
  15. Going to Primark.