Tips For Your Big Wedding Day

wedding planning

The big wedding day.  Just reading that for some people is one of the most nerve wracking things they can do. In the beginning, excitement levels are going to be high, and it is thought to be one of the most magical days of a person’s life. But, as time goes on, stress will start to creep in. Especially during the planning process. There’s so many different things to sort, and a lot of people actually shy away from the responsibilities of a wedding. This isn’t how it should be. A wedding day is magical no matter what, so find a way to bust those nerves, and have a read of the tips we’ve got below to make sure you have the most magical day possible.

Get The Music Sorted

The music is one of the main events of a wedding day. It can mean the difference between everyone being up on the dance floor at midnight still, or everyone sat in their chairs having a chit chat, not really showing much life. All you need to do is check out companies such as MSmusic and see what bands you could hire for your wedding day. Hiring a band might be a bit more expensive than hiring a DJ would be, but at least you’ve got some live music to rely on. Everyone seems to get so much more hyped up for live music, and a band will know how to get a crowd going. It’ll also be more enjoyable to listen to rather than the same songs you would hear at a wedding that the DJ would play.

Catering For Everyone

This is really important if you want your big day to be successful. Catering for everyone isn’t easy however, family and friends can decide to be picky, and all of the sudden you’re left with a bit of a logistical nightmare on your hands. In terms of food, you should offer a wide and varied menu, with dishes that are suitable for vegetarians and even those who might be gluten free. Before deciding what to put on the menu, you should ask around and make sure nobody does have any allergies or dietary requirements. Professional catering companies can then come up with a tasty menu for you and your guests to enjoy. You should also cater for everyone in terms of things to do. The band is one thing, but get creative and find something for the children to do. It could be a separate party room with balloon making games, a magician etc.

Make Yourself Look Amazing

Making yourself look good is essential. Afterall, you will feel as though all eyes are on you all day. So, in the months prior to your wedding you should try and get in the best shape possible. Eat right and train right to get that killer body. You should then get yourself a little glam team on the day to make sure you’re looking as good as you possibly can. There are some companies out there offering the best wedding day pamper sets, go and check them out!