Tooth Fairy: Find Your White Smile Naturally

Everyone wants to have a healthy, happy smile with rows of white, even teeth but the Hollywood tooth whitening treatments the dental industry use can be expensive, painful and leave you with much more sensitive teeth than you had before. While having sensitive teeth isn’t a health issue in itself, as it’s kept under control using specially formulated toothpaste and avoiding hot or cold foods it will mean that your enamel isn’t as strong as it used to be.


Before you go picking up any lump of coal off the BBQ stop! Activated charcoal is special, has been graded for medical use and can be found in organic health stores, and this method is both loved and hated simply for one reason, you look awful while using the product itself. Remember, consult your dentist before trying any alternative remedy as teeth cannot heal themselves. Continue your normal brushing and flossing routine and don’t expect results overnight. Firstly, get your powdered charcoal which you can buy from Amazon or in store. Brush as usual, then follow it up with your regular toothpaste once a couple of minutes have passed. Your teeth will go white again we promise! Charcoal helps to remove the tannins that cause brown and yellow staining to teeth.

Natural Whitening Toothpaste

While it’s not strictly an alternative remedy, there are plenty of organic teeth whitening toothpaste on the market. Some work better than others, but it’s best that you shop around to find the toothpaste that works for you. Whitening toothpaste is also ideal for those who have a tiny bit of staining but who don’t feel like there’s enough to book a dental cleaning with the hygienist.

These tubes of toothpaste often combine ingredients from fluoride brands as well as natural chemicals such as calcium powder, an element that all our teeth need to stay healthy. However, be aware that we generally only look at our mouths when brushing our teeth, you can see a diagram of the mouth at, and you’ll immediately notice a couple of things. One, our mouths are quite big and unless you know what you’re looking for teeth problems can be very hard to spot. Two, we can’t see the canines and molars at the back so plaque tends to reside there more often.

Coconut Oil

Lots is written about using coconut oil for your hair and skin like this lengthy article from Huffington Post but did you know you can also use it on your teeth? Coconut oil has been proven to be effective against many forms of bacteria, just a quick twenty-minute rinse will help to remove dental plaque and food debris in the mouth. Try to swish your teeth at least once a day, or you can buy small coconut oil chews that’ll do the job for you so you can swish on the go, in bed or while showering. Look for coconut oil that’s been certified as safe to use as a health food, the taste isn’t great so make sure you have a drink of water or juice afterward.