Totally Tasty Food Swaps That Are Good For Your Health


They say the little changes last the longest. When you’re trying to lose weight, this can be good to keep in mind. If you’re pushing yourself hard with an exercise plan and cutting out all your favourite foods at the same time, you’ll make it harder to succeed. Making small changes one at a time could be one of the best approaches. So instead of giving up chocolate, why not swap out one bar a day for a piece of dark chocolate? There are lots of swaps you can make that still taste yummy.

Some fats are good for us, so you don’t want to cut them all out. But you could swap less healthy fats for flavour infused olive oils and coconut oils. These oils are considered to be very healthy, and they certainly taste a lot better than sunflower oil. Just a small pinch of salt can bring that little bit of extra flavour that you’re missing from butter.

Lots of us love a cup of tea or coffee first thing in the morning. But more of us reach for the sugar to sweeten the bitterness than we should. There are plenty of alternatives, but few of us are keen on the aftertaste of artificial sweeteners. They taste like chemicals because that is what they are. Of course, now there are some naturally sourced sweeteners you can use instead of chemical ones or sugar. Things like miracle berry tablets offer a low calorie, low fat, and low sugar way of sweetening your drinks and foods.

Snack bars are so convenient when you’re busy. Many of them have healthy ingredients in them like oats and nuts. But it’s the way they’re made that make them less than ideal. They end up high in sugar and calories. So what else can you do to fill that hole between breakfast and lunch? One of the most filling and nutritionally beneficial foods you can snack on is nuts. Hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds are all very good for you and are ideal for grazing between meals. Best of all, they taste perfectly delicious without having to add anything to them.

Takeaway food isn’t always about convenience. After all, it will still take up to forty-five minutes for it to arrive if you order by phone. Takeaway food is often appealing because it tastes so nice. But the calories are high, you don’t know what ingredients are being used, or even the source of the meat. If you love this kind of food, why not find some tantalising recipes to recreate your favourite dishes at home? You can rest assured knowing you’ve picked good quality cuts of lean meat. You know the oil used is low in saturated fats. And best of all, you can tinker with the flavours to make your taste buds extra happy.

Making a little change every day could have very big effects, especially in the long term. Perhaps one of the best things about it is the extra flavour you get! Love your food.