Travel: 7 Different Continents, 7 Different Experiences

If you’re currently planning your travel bucket list, you might be thinking of the different kinds of locations you’d love to visit. Sometimes, you’ll have locations in mind that you’ve been longing to travel to for years. When that’s the case, you’ll have some firm favourites already in place. However, you can often feel stuck for inspiration. If that sounds a lot more like your situation, it can often help to cover off each of the seven continents, to achieve seven very different experiences.

North America

As one of the larger continents of the world, North America is a bit of a force to be reckoned with. It spans such a large proportion of the earth, meaning that it’s graced with a wealth of different cultures and climates. So, can you blame the Americans for having a thing for road trips? If you want to add an exciting experience to your bucket list, why not make it a road trip through some of the US’s most notable states?

South America

If you want to experience a wealth of awesome culture in one hit, then your best bet is to add a few South American countries to your list. The wonders of Peru will amaze you, some of the Columbian sites will blow you away, and the world’s most dangerous road in Bolivia is an experience not to be missed.


If you don’t really like the cold, then you might not have Antartica in mind. But, as far as mind blowing views, experiences, and memories go, an Antarctic experience is up there. Yes the sites might be Christmas card perfect, but you can also partake in a few exciting experiences, like dog sledding in the snow.


Europe has many draws, along with a complete range of cultures for you to choose from. You could even combine a few countries in one and head on a trip of a lifetime. If you’ve always wanted to visit a few of the mainland European countries, you might even think about going on an interrailing experience between them all.


Visiting Asia should be on everyone’s bucket list. It’s full of interesting, exciting and rich cultures, each with their own individual identities and histories. There’s nothing like eating in Japan, standing on the shore in Thailand, and seeing the man made lands of Hong Kong; each it’s own interested experience to add to your travel memories.


Africa is a vast last, home to over 50 countries. While most of the continent is made up of sparse desserts and an impressive animal kingdom, it’s often a huge draw for those looking to experience a safari. Whether you want to go on a traditional trial, or try something different, like a elephant conservation experience, an African adventure never disappoints.


And then we have this place we call home. Unless you’re not from Australia, and then this part of the world might be somewhere that you wish to visit. It may be bias, but Australia really is a beautiful part of the world; the weather is gorgeous, the culture is incomparable and we have some great traditions to offer too.