Travel: Everything You Must Do in Copenhagen

As far as holiday destinations go, we haven’t seen much more popular than Copenhagen in recent years. The capital of Denmark has seen a huge rise in tourism recently, thanks to many Brits and Europeans jumping on the ‘hygge’ bandwagon and being fascinated by the effortless Danish style. It’s also a relatively easy to get to the place, with flight times from London coming in at barely over two hours. But there are so many more reasons to visit Copenhagen other than just its love for all things cosy and the fact that it is accessible. This vibrant city is brimming with culture and arts, so much so that you’d probably need a couple of weeks to do it all justice! If you don’t have all that time, however, here are a handful of Copenhagen must do’s so you can make the most of whatever time you have there.

Tivoli Gardens

One of the first things you will see when you arrive in Copenhagen is Tivoli Gardens. Why? Well, mainly because it’s right outside the main train station – you literally can’t miss it. This makes it a hugely convenient place attraction, especially if you are staying in a central copenhagen hotel as well. Tivoli Gardens were founded in 1843, and they are also home to a traditional theme park, where punters can enjoy a mix of new and old rides (including a wooden roller coaster from 1914!). The gardens also host numerous events, including open-air concerts every Friday during summer and musicals and plays in the concert hall. Spend some time simply walking around admiring the beautiful displays of flora and fauna, and pick up a traditional Danish smørrebrød to eat on the lawn.

Freetown Christiania

If you fancy seeing a completely different way of life while you are in Denmark, then you absolutely have to make a point of heading to Freetown Christiania. It is a commune that operates completely independently of the local government – a city within a city if you will. Christiania was founded by a group of hippies in the 1970’s, and it is now a hotbed for arts, culture, and food and drinks. Anyone can visit Christiania, but you are advised by the government and the locals alike not to take photographs or film in there, as it can easily make the locals uneasy. Do pick up some souvenirs while you are there, though – there are plenty of handmade garments and jewelry all for your perusal as you walk through the town.

The Little Mermaid

Think of famous people who come from Denmark, and your mind probably immediately turns to the author Hans Christian Anderson. His most famous work, The Little Mermaid, has been immortalized forever on the Copenhagen harbor, in the form of a bronze statue. The statue was created by Edvard Eriksen and was presented to the city as gift from brewer Carl Jacobson. Today, she is over 100 years old, and still proves to be one of the most popular attractions the city has to offer.