Travel: Faraway Shores That Have To Be Placed On Your Bucket List


For those who are unaware, a bucket list is essentially a list of all the places, experiences and things you want to do in your lifetime. Many people have these lists in their minds while others go to the extent of creating visions boards or writing them down. It’s a guide. It’s a chance to make sure you live your life to the full. Many people just have destinations and places they want to visit on there. Which brings me on to the topic of this article. What destinations are on yours? Have you thought about it in a while?

This is why I thought it would be good to share with you some of those faraway shores that I think everyone should have on their bucket lists. It’s nice to daydream about warmer climes from cold Northern England every now and again. So without further ado, here are the the faraway shores you should have on your bucket list.


What bucket list would be complete without a mention of Australia? It will be on most people’s wish list of destinations to visit, and it’s easy to see why. Australia is a vast country, and being a mere ten thousand miles away and a day on a plane. There are plenty of hotspots to consider. Sydney may be everyone’s first port of call. The most well-known city in Australia with the iconic opera house and bridge being the first thing that may come to mind. It’s a cosmopolitan city with famous beaches such as Bondi and Manly.

However, Australia has much more to offer. You could get lost in the city of Melbourne, where coffee culture is at it’s peak and has recently been voted yet again the most livable city in the world. There’s the gold cost which is surfers paradise. Also, let’s not forget the famous Great Barrier Reef. One of the wonders of the world. It’s a fantastic destination, a place that could be described as a home from home. I think Australia is somewhere you should try and go at least once in your lifetime.


Indonesia is a Southeast Asian nation that is made up of many different volcanic islands. The capital city lies on the island of Java. Jakarta is a vibrant city with a huge mix of influences from many different cultures. Ranging from Asian, Indian, Arab, and European to name a few. Which extends to the architecture you witness and also the cuisine on offer. But Indonesia is also known for its beaches, and what better place to witness some of the best than Bali. Bali is a volcanic island that has forested mountains and beautiful coral reefs. There are many breathtaking religious sites that you can go and see. But many people come here for the relaxing vibe and the picturesque beaches.

Indonesia isn’t as far as Australia, but certainly, you do spend a fair bit of time on a plane. An average of 18 hours from the UK. It’s also a country that has mosquitos, which is one of the biggest causes of Malaria. Along with other places like India and Africa. This is why it’s so important to do extensive research before you book to go to some distant destinations. You can obtain vaccinations through your doctor and also order malaria tablets online just to be on the safe side.


Known for tropical beaches and stunning royal palaces. Ornate temples and ancient ruins, there is no surprise that Thailand is popular for many people. There are many islands and mainland that make up Thailand. It is also a Southeastern Asian country, meaning it can take a while to get there. But it’s worth the journey I am sure. Bangkok is Thailand’s capital, is a large city and has a bit of a reputation. It’s known to be very good value for money in regards to living expenses. But on the other side, there are certain sides of Bangkok that may not be for everyone. Having said that there is plenty of things to do in this bustling city. The temples, such as Wat Phra Kaew sacred temple, are worthy of a visit.

However, if a more relaxed location is your thing then why not hop on a water boat to some of the beautiful Islands that Thailand has to offer. For example, places like Koh Samui or Phuket. Both offering amazing white sandy beaches and the bluest of ocean to dive into. Many people consider going to these destinations to experience a full moon party. Often popular with travellers.


Found in the Caribbean, Cuba is a hidden gem. It could take you right back to the 50’s era. Havana, the capital, is lined with pastel shaded architecture, with a real Spanish influence. You will find old vintage cars lining the streets, and a relaxed vibe about the place. Also known for beautiful beaches and also the tobacco fields which have a hand in the famous cigars that are produced here. It’s filled with Salsa music and cabaret shows. Much different to any other destination. It’s untouched, and for now, it has that charm. It’s an escape from the hustle and bustle.

There is plenty to see and do still if you like to soak in the atmosphere of a place. It’s been a complex country for some time, but recently it has seen its first commercial flight from the U.S land there. After the visit from the Obamas earlier this year, it’s clear to see that tourism here will be on the rise. Get there soon.

Of course, there is just too many to mention in one post. You’d be sat there reading all day. But sometimes it’s nice to consider alternative destinations. Many times, visiting places like this can give you some perspective on life. Many of these countries, although beautiful, do not have the Western culture we have grown so accustomed to. Other places I would think about would be Sri Lanka, Africa and India. Alongside some of the states in America like Texas or Ohio. But that’s the beauty of a bucket list, isn’t it? You have a lifetime to see these places, but as life goes by so quick, that isn’t much time at all. Where would you add to your bucket list?