Travel: So Much To Si-esta In Spain

Spain is one of the top three most visited countries in the world. But it isn’t just package holidaymakers that flock to its sun drenched coasts – around 375,000 British, almost 200,000 Germans and 175,000 Italians actually live in Spain making it one of the most welcoming countries in Europe.  

Until negotiations have been finalised between the UK and the EU there will continue to be questions about what happens with Brexit and Spanish property for the thousands of British expats already enjoying the Spanish way of life. That shouldn’t put you off exploring Spain now though, particularly whilst flights costs remain so low.

Here are some reasons why you should consider Spain for your next adventure:

The weather

Spain is famous for having some of the best weather in Europe.  It is the reason the country has become so popular with package holiday companies. But Spain has far more to offer than beautiful beaches and year round sunshine.

The history

Don’t be put off by the popularity of towns such as Ibiza and Mallorca – there are so many other places for you to discover in Spain that are seeped in the country’s rich history with not a nightclub in sight.  

Spain has always been popular with foreign visitors. In fact the Spanish culture is a result of its long history of invasion and occupation from all over Europe. Its language is based on ancient Latin, a hark back to the Roman Empire, it’s architecture ranges from Roman to Basque and even French and Moorish in influence and you can visit a variety of museums, castles and palaces that reflect this legacy of European influences.

The cuisine

Spain enjoys a mediterranean diet based on olive oil, fish, fresh vegetables and fruit and the occasional life giving tipple of sangria.

It has been proven that a mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest in the world particularly when enjoyed slowly as the Spanish love to do with lunch sometimes lasting for two hours!  There are plenty of opportunities to explore, cook and try the traditional cuisine of Spain and you will find it is definitely one of the highlights of your travels that you will want to take home with you.

The diversity

Spain is three countries in one with its mix of beautiful beaches to relax, amazing mountains for the more adventurous and of course its diverse nightlife. The country even has four national languages including Spanish, Catalan, Gallego and Basque.  Spanish is spoken by around 500 million people across the world so it is a useful language to learn for not only this trip but for your future world adventures.

Outdoor living

The Spanish spend most of their time outside which makes it a very open and sociable country. Bars are always full of families sharing food and conversation and family life is very important to the Spanish people. This tends to make them laid back but given that summer temperatures can reach up to 40ºC  it’s no wonder that Spain is a country that likes to take its time – siesta anyone?