Travel: What You Need to Know If You Are Travelling from Leeds Bradford Airport

If you love travelling as much as I do, you probably check regularly for the next deal on flights. It often pays to check for airports within a 2-hour radius, so if you live in Yorkshire, why not try flying from Leeds Bradford International Airport next time?

What to expect from the airport

Leeds Bradford (LBA) is a regional airport with predominantly international connections. It’s mainly low-cost airlines like, Ryanair and Monarch that operate at the airport. You can fly directly from Yorkshire to lovely Paris, sun-soaked Barcelona or enjoy a weekend in Berlin.

The airport itself is relatively small, so you will never have to walk very far. Although the check-in desks can get busy, passengers are usually able to go through security checks relatively quickly (I have never needed more than 10 minutes). After security there are a few shops, food outlets and a lounge.

How to get to Leeds Bradford Airport

By car: Leeds Bradford Airport is located in Yeadon, between Leeds and Bradford (use the postcode LS19 7TU for your sat nav). The drive up from Doncaster takes just over an hour, from Leeds and Bradford around 30 minutes. For Leeds Bradford Airport Parking parking, you have a number of parking services to choose from. Park & Ride is often the cheapest option, especially if you are going away for longer, but that means you will drop your car off outside the airport area and take a shuttle bus. Onsite is more convenient, as you will park right at Leeds Bradford Airport, but if you don’t want to walk 5-7 minutes to the terminal, maybe a Meet & Greet service is the best option, especially if you know you’ll have a lot of luggage to carry or you’re travelling with young children.

By Taxi: Try to avoid the resident taxi firm, Arrow, as they charge more than the normal fare for journeys from and to Leeds Bradford Airport. Tell your driver to use the free drop-off zone (around 7-minute walk to the terminal), otherwise they will drop you off at the terminal, which means a £3 surcharge for entering the car park.

By Bus: There are regular services from Leeds Bus Station (service 757) and Bradford Interchange (services 737 and 747).

How to prepare for your flight

There is nothing special you need to keep in mind for Leeds Bradford Airport, but don’t forget these evergreen travel tips.

  • Wear comfortable clothes for the flight and make sure you don’t have anything on you that will trigger the metal detector when you go through security.
  • Keep your travel documents safe in your hand luggage. Check whether your airline accepts e-tickets and boarding passes.
  • Make sure your carry-on luggage fits the dimensions specified by your airline to avoid extra fees.
  • Try sticking to just your hand luggage for short trips.

What to do at the airport

LBA doesn’t offer a huge array of things to do, so here are some suggestions:

  • Stock up on reading material at WH Smith or get your last-minute travel essentials at Boots.
  • Book some time in Yorkshire Premier Lounge to unwind before your flight.
  • Grab a baguette, sandwich or fresh salad at Camden Food Co.

If you are flying to your next destination from Leeds Bradford Airport, be prepared to discover an airport that may be smaller than its London or Manchester counterparts, but makes checking in your flight and going through security much easier, saving you time and making the whole experience as stress-free as possible. So, pack light, keep your travel documents safe and get in that holiday mood!