Travel: Top London Landmarks You Will Be Upset If You Miss

Every traveller should aim to visit London at least one time as it’s undeniably one of the most interesting and influential cities on Earth.

From impressive historical landmarks that include grand palaces and centuries-old architecture, to the highly modern financial district that’s covered in some of the most advanced and stunning skyscrapers in the world, there’s no shortage of things to see in the English capital.

However, the abundance of attractions may also work against you if you’re limited on time during your stay. There are plenty of huge databases and unfiltered lists of attractions in London that will only make the task of planning an itinerary more difficult.

Thus, to make sure you’ve seen all the best spots before your departure, you might want to start by seeing the following five London landmarks that only a fool would miss out on:

1. London Eye

One of the best ways to go view an incredible 360-degree panorama of the city is to take a ride on the famous London Eye Ferris wheel, also commonly referred to as the Millennium Wheel.

This attraction holds the title of being the world’s largest observation wheel with a 443-foot peak height, so it’s understandably included on almost all London itineraries.

There’s also an on-site Champagne bar and 4D cinema for additional fun after enjoying the scenery.

2. Big Ben

Although Big Ben is actually the name of the colossal 13-ton bell inside the iconic clock tower – now officially known as Elizabeth Tower — the full attraction is actually comprised of the tower itself and The Houses of Parliament.

Seeing Big Ben is a must if for no other reason than to say you’ve seen the inner workings of the one of the most massive 4-face clocks in existence.

3. Buckingham Palace

The extraordinarily extravagant grounds of Buckingham Palace should certainly be one of your first stops being that it’s arguably the most impressive palace in all of England. With 775 rooms, 78 bathrooms, the famous Grand Staircase, a Throne Room, and an awe-inspiring garden and grounds, the Queen’s home is undoubtedly impressive.  

You can view the exterior of the palace from outside the gates, and tours of the interior are available during the summer months.

4. Tower Bridge

Although the old London Bridge may be more widely known and is obviously worth seeing, Tower Bridge is considered more aesthetically appealing by many.

You could make a fun activity out of comparing London Bridge and Tower Bridge with the city’s 31 other monumental bridges .

5. Kensington Palace

As the childhood home of Queen Elizabeth and home to the famous Formal Gardens, this palace is right up there with the majesty of Buckingham Palace.

From the Sunken Garden to the King’s Staircase and the Cupola Room, there are a number of interesting attractions to see in the grounds of Kensington Palace.

Other Honourable Mentions

We could go on all day with places to see within the diverse city of London, but just to wrap it up without leaving out anything major, here are a few other attractions you definitely shouldn’t miss:

  • The Shard – If you haven’t been to London since 2012, you might not have seen the unique Shard building designed by Renzo Piano that has since towered over the city’s skyline in dominating fashion.
  • Lloyd’s of London – Known as one of the city’s best contemporary buildings, the “inside-out building” was designed by famous architect Richard Roger.
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral – If cathedrals, mosaics, murals, sculptures, and other forms of classical artwork and architecture are your thing, you definitely shouldn’t miss this one.

In closing, you could comfortably visit the aforementioned landmarks within the span of a few days, and once you have, it will be easier to find more landmarks and attractions nearby by simply asking the locals while you’re visiting all of the above.