Travel: What A Trip to Italy Will Teach You

If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that my husband and I chose Italy to visit for our honeymoon. We spent an amazing week in Rome, although Italy is such a beautiful place to visit, I would have been happy in any part of it. In fact, although it is united, Italy is more like a group of smaller states all with their own distinct personalities and traditions. There is a lot to do, see and learn a holiday in Italy. Read on to find out more about this wonderful country!


Romance Isn’t Dead

If you think love is dead, then a trip to Italy might just rekindle that flame inside of you. Visit the balcony that Romeo and Juliet is said to have been based on in Verona. This is an especially useful for trip for those that feel they could do with a bit more luck in love. This is because touching the statue there, is said to seriously increase your romantic prowess.

Another especially romantic place is Italy is the beautiful city of Venice. Take in the medieval buildings, lagoons, and gondolas. But if they don’t get you in that romantic mood, why not head over to St Mark’s Square?  Sellers regularly offer roses that you can buy for your loved ones, as a token of your affection.

Bad Food Is Not An Option

Another thing that a trip to Italy will teach you is that there really is no excuse for bad food. Even in service station, you will be treated to a tasty meal!

Food is central to Italian culture, and each region has its own specialty that they are famous for. Of course, there is plenty of pasta, but there is also another glorious treats like gelato, Osso Buco, and Risotto to try.

The best way to sample all the culinary delights that Italy has to offer is travel to different locations trying the food as you go. You can travel under your own steam, or take an escorted tour like the ones available at Italy holidays.

Lakes Can be As Beautiful As The Beach

The Italian lakes are a big pull for locals and tourist alike come the summer. The lakes are so huge that it feels a lot like being at the beach, Many people swim and windsurf on the water. There are even ferries that will take you from port to port so you can visit all the little villages dotted around the lakes edge.

There are plenty of open air cafes and restaurants in which to enjoy an Aperol Spritz while overlooking the lake. Just remember to take some sailing shoes if you swimming as the lakebed is shingle.

Go in August to be part of the festival season. This includes a spectacular firework display and the floating of thousands of candle lights on the water at night.

Don’t forget your umbrella no matter where you are going, most people think of Italy as a primarily hot climate, but it is worth noting that the weather is dependent on the part of Italy that you are visiting. The most southern resorts like Venice and Sicily are warmed in the summer. While the lakes and north can still get a shower of rain or two.

I’ll have a special blog all about the best things to do in Rome later on this month!