Travel: The World’s Best Dives

We’re not talking about dive bars, of course. We’re talking about the real final frontier. We’ve mastered the sky, we’re exploring the stars, but the depths of the ocean still hold a keen interest in the collective imagination of all the peoples of the world. It takes training, a little investment, and some courage, but the great dives of the world make it clear why people get on their flippers and dip under the surface time and time again

See it while you got the chance

It might not be the deepest or most unexplored of diving spots in the world. However, if there’s one reason above all else to see the beautiful Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia, it’s because we’re not entirely sure how long it will be with us. A mixture of man-made interference and the natural interactions of coral and algae are causing them to shrink to the point that they may be gone within the lifespan of many people reading this. It still offers some of the greatest diversity of coral with 600 different types, standing as the world’s single largest coral reef

An underwater zoo

The best diving spots and coral reefs also offer the chance to see all kinds of different underwater creatures. At the Great Barrier, for instance, you have the chance to see sharks, starfish, turtles and so on. But for a display of underwater life in shocking magnitude, then Barracuda Point at Sipadan Island in Malaysia has to be seen. Naturally, people go mostly to see the barracuda, those huge fish that are particularly prolific at this spot. Of course, there are some fears about coming into contact with a fish with such a nasty reputation, but the frequent hurricanes of shining barracuda are much better known in the area for providing great photo opportunities for lovers of underwater cameras like the Olympus Tough models. So long as you don’t try and feed them or wear jewelry, you should be fine.

Into the depths

If you’re an experienced diver, then you might want to get well beneath the surface and into what feels like a different world. One of the prime locations for that is the 108-meter deep Great Blue Hole in Belize. Naturally, this is a trip that should be taken by those with plenty of experience and training, as well as equipment like a Suunto Zoop dive computer.  An ancient cave whose roof collapsed, the hole is unique for the threshold of diving from saltwater into freshwater and experiencing a sudden shift from colorful saltwater fauna to exploring the stalagmites of the ancient flooded caves that was once as dry as a bone. For people who prefer snorkeling as opposed to diving, sticking to the walls around the hole can still be a breathtaking experience.

The three spots above are but a short sample of what the seas have to offer. But they make it clear why so many people fall in love with the different diving spots across the world. It’s easy to get hooked to the point that a great dive becomes the primary reason you visit a spot in the first place. Of course, it helps that the best diving spots also tend to be in some of the sunniest and most gorgeous locales on the globe.