Tyre & Car Care Tips for Hot Temperatures

A lot of the time we take car maintenance for granted. With our busy lives, it’s just not something that we think about, is it? As the temperatures rise and the BBQs come out, we don’t feel like working on our car, but, unfortunately, our vehicles actually need more care in the summer.

We’d all rather be reading a book and sipping a gin, but a poorly maintained car will lead to more serious problems later on, so it’s important to keep on top of it. Here are some tyre and car care tips for hot temperatures.

Check Your Tyres

Check your tyres regularly throughout the summer months: check the pressure, and replace any worn-out tyres with new ones – they will have a much better road grip. Hot temperatures can dry out tyres, so it’s important to keep an eye on them.

Ensure Wheels Are Aligned

If you’ve noticed problems with steering, your tyres are uneven or new, you need to ensure that the wheels are properly aligned. This is important as if they are not aligned correctly, this can cause serious damage to your tyres, will make driving difficult and could affect your safety. If you’re in or near the capital, wheel alignment at London can be reserved at  DAT Tyres. If not, search for your local garage.

Don’t Forget Your Wipers

You might think you won’t use them again until October, but this is England! It rains a lot in the UK – even in summer – and hot temperatures frequently lead to thunderstorms and downpours. Don’t forget to check your wipers and invest in new ones if yours are looking worse for wear.