Unique International Honeymoon Destinations

You and your love have just tied the knot, rainbows and butterflies are in the air and the ultimate cherry on top would be spending quality time together, in a draw dropping destination. But, with so many exquisite places to choose from, how do you decide?

While you want your trip to ooze romance and excitement, you also want your chosen location to scream luxury and magnificence. After all, there is no better way to rejoice in your nuptials, than immersing yourself in spectacular surroundings, rich in raw beauty and riddled in opulence.

This is your first break away as husband and wife; the beginning of your forever, and the photos will be some of the first taken of you as a married couple. Of course, you’d want your first snaps to exude happiness, contentment and love, with a backdrop that’s picture perfect!

But, don’t stress about where you’re going to find that; we’ve got you covered. Whether you envision yourselves soaking up the sun on an exotic island, or adventuring with wild animals, on African soil; we’ve taken all your interests into consideration. With this ultimate guide to unique international honeymoon destinations, we are confident you’ll find your perfect, romantic spot, and have all your honeymoon dreams and wishes, come true!

For the Historians


Greece is well known for its history. Athens, one of Greece’s oldest cities, is the prime location for those interested in Greek mythology. Explore the Old Olympic Stadium, Acropolis of Athens or the famous Parthenon, to get to grips with the Greek immortals, such as Zeus and Poseidon. And if you’re looking for a uber-romantic destination within the country; visit Santorini. It’s a quaint, idyllic town situated on a cliff, overlooking the Aegean Sea. It is known for its striking sunsets and for the underwater crater that’s near to its coastline. One of my life goals is to do some Santorini sailing with Vernicos Yachts who are a luxury crewed yacht charter – can you imagine doing this on your honeymoon? Bliss!

After all the stress that came with planning a beautiful wedding, what better way to relax, than in the arms of your darling, in a luxury lodge in Africa, floating cabins in the Indian ocean or any other of the fantastic options on our list. Wherever it may be, it will undoubtedly be picture-perfect! (You can thank me later!)

For the Sun Lizards

The Maldives Islands

If you’re looking for sun, sea and complete relaxation, the Maldives Islands are for you. A tropical location found in the warm Indian Ocean, surrounded by breathtaking crystal blue waters and white sand beaches, it’s every person’s idea of paradise. We can guarantee; from morning ‘till night you’ll be lazing about in the sunshine, and frolicking in the ocean, because your cabin will be situated in the best possible place-in the ocean.


Indonesia is an exquisite nation made up of many different awe-inspiring islands. Wherever you choose to go; forests, beautiful beaches, volcanoes and unusual mountain ranges await you in this corner of the planet. While there is plenty of sun and picture-perfect surroundings, there is also plenty to do! Experience the exotic tastes of Southeast Asia, by candlelight, take a romantic sunset boat trips around the islands, or visit the Hindu temples and be spiritually enlightened!

For the Adventure Seekers


There is no reason why you shouldn’t be considering Africa, for your honeymoon destination. It is the ideal mix of thrill, adventure, romance and luxury. From wildlife safaris under the African sky in Botswana, walking with the Gorillas in Uganda, to experiencing the great mammal migration in the Serengeti; nothing could quite compare to the experiences that are found here. And don’t forget; lodges that are nothing short of pure opulence, and landscapes that are extraordinarily diverse!

The United States

Although there are many vibrant cities in the US, there are also plenty of places, that are off the beaten track and are home to natural wonders, that every person would love to see and experience, some time in their lives. Think of Arizona, for example; it’s known for being home to the Grand Canyon! A place as adventurous as this, speaks to those who enjoy hiking and experiencing the natural wonders of the world. This state is also rich in diverse landscapes; you could find yourself hiking mountain ranges, or even kayaking through the beautiful lakes; such as Lake Powell. If you and your honey are looking to experience an exhilarating adventure, while ticking one of the greatest sightings on earth, off your bucket list-then Arizona, and Grand Canyon National Park, is a no-brainer!

For the City Slickers


The city of love is found in France, and this is the romantic city of Paris! For the couples that enjoy fine cuisine, art, fashion and extravagance, all while celebrating their love and adoration for one another, Paris is the ideal location. Take a romantic boat trip down the River Seine, while admiring the gorgeous Eiffel tower, seal your love on the famous lock-bridge or visit remarkable landmarks such as the Arc de Triomphe or the Louvre Museum!


Italy is known for its amazing food, hospitality, and captivating scenery. On one side of the country you’ll find beautiful beaches and relaxed, quaint towns, and on the other side, you’ll be surprised with floating villages, such as Venice. Venice, in particular, is extra romantic, as one can experience gondola rides through the city and dine alongside the majestic waterways. The city is riddled in architectural wonders, enchanting buildings with elegant balconies, and intimate coffee shop.