Beauty: W7 In the Buff Eye Colour Palette | Review

w7 in the buff review

I recently reviewed another W7 product, the Hollywood Bronze & Glow Highlighter. As I was so impressed with it I thought I’d try something else out from this brand, and this time I went for In The Buff, an eyeshadow palette that looks suspiciously like the Urban Decay ones.

Firstly, I have to mention just how cheap this is. It depends where you buy it from (it’s sold in most discount make-up shops, on Ebay, Amazon etc), but you’ll find it for around £5. BARGAIN.

I don’t actually wear eyeshadow that often nowadays and I certainly don’t wear it for work (they’re lucky I make any effort with how much I like my bed). I tend to save eyeshadow for when I have a good amount of time to get ready, or when I have some time to experiment with some looks. So, it doesn’t make sense to me to pay £40 for something I’ll rarely use.

w7 in the buff review

The palette comes in a tin container and includes a brush, although I use my own brushes as I find it a little stiff. I really like the colours that come in this palette; lots of nudes, shimmery golds and a nice dark black for a smokey eye.

I find these eyeshadows to be completely fool-proof, and the colours mix together seamlessly. I am a big fan of shimmery golden tones paired with matte nudes, and I have been really impressed with the shades in the W7 In the Buff palette. The colours are pigmented and it stays on all night.

w7 in the buff review

I’m a total advocate for budget beauty. Though I do love my high-end products, I LOVE saving money (so I can spend money on more things). If you want to find a good quality natural nude eyeshadow palette for a budget price you could do a lot worse than W7 In The Buff.

Have you used this palette? What do you think?