It’s Your Wedding, You Can Splash The Cash If You Want To

A lot of the time, people talk about saving costs when it comes to weddings. It’s no surprise when you consider how pricey things can get. Saving money has its place. But, there is a downside to all that talk of not letting money mess with your marriage. Somewhere along the line, it can start to mess with it anyway. And, there’s often a lot of guilt involved for those people who don’t want to cut corners. At the end of the day, your wedding is about you. So, you need to ensure it’s the day you plan, and if that involves spending money, then so be it. If you’re feeling bad about splashing the cash, we’re here to put your worries at ease. Here’s why you deserve to spend any money you want on your big day.


Most of us dream about how we want our weddings to be from a young age. For a lot us, that involves dreaming about the big dresses and the exclusive wedding venues. None of which are what you would call cheap. So, why do a lot of us feel as though we can’t have those things when the time comes? It all goes back to that guilt we spoke about before. In truth, though, you should have that wedding of your dreams. Don’t compromise on those things that once meant so much to you because you feel you have to. It may only be one day, but it’s one of the most important days you’ll ever experience. Some of our dreams don’t come true, through no fault of our own. But, if you’re having the wedding, you’re halfway there. Don’t do yourself out of that dream at the last hurdle.


When we get married, it’s for life. None of us intend to do it more than once, and neither should you. With that in mind, you only get one shot to get everything right. In a lot of ways, you could argue that your wedding will be perfect no matter how much you spend. And it’s true; it would be. But, if you compromise on the things that matter, there may always be a part of you that has some regrets. And, regret is no way to start a marriage!


It goes without saying that your wedding is about you and your man. Your guests are, ultimately, there to witness the event and nothing more. At the end of the day, though, most of the steps we take in our wedding plans are done with guests in mind. We all want to throw a wedding that blows them out of the water. Again, you can do that on a budget. But, your day is guaranteed to have the wow factor if you don’t scrimp and save. If you want yours to be the wedding your friends aspire to, spending cash may be the best way to do it.