Wedding Reception Vibes: How To Add A Fun Element To This Part Of The Big Day

Weddings! Perhaps it’s a hot topic of conversation for you at the moment with a wedding coming up in the new year ahead, or maybe you are starting to hint or take that next step in your relationship. Planning a wedding can be a wonderful time, but it can be a little overwhelming with everything you need to think about. So while the ceremony and the day can be pretty easy to organise, I thought I would focus on sharing some ideas for an evening reception and offer some inspiration for fun elements to enhance the party.

A photo booth to create some fun memories

A great thing to add to your reception is a photo booth. It’s a wonderful opportunity to encourage your guests to let loose in front of the camera and take some fun snaps to mark the occasion. You can check out photo booth hire online relatively easily, and they don’t take up too much space at your venue. Think of the hilarious snaps you could capture when everyone has let their hair down and enjoyed a few drinks? You could even add photo props to make the captures more creative.  

Add props to encourage people to share their pictures via Instagram

Many people are avid users of social media these days, so why not take advantage of this and have cards around asking to be tagged in the photographs. You could even create a hashtag using the words happily ever after and your surname, or something more creative. I would suggest looking at Pinterest for ideas if you are stuck.

Consider a singer or a band as additional entertainment

While the traditional DJ and party atmosphere will work fine for many wedding occasions, sometimes it’s good to mix things up a little. A great way to do that is to add a singer or even a band to your evening entertainment. These people are experts at working a crowd and could be a great way to get that party started straight away, rather than waiting for Dutch courage to kick in.

Advice slips for the newlyweds

Many couples choose to have a guest book where their guest can sign their good wishes, but a fun addition to that is to add advice slips. Some great ones are available at online stores like Not On The Highstreet. These a little cards or forms where you guests can offer pearls of wisdom for a long and happy life together.

Outdoor garden games

Finally, if you are choosing a wedding in the warmer months of the year then why not take the proceedings outside. A great way to add a unique touch to your reception is to include some outdoor games. That could be bowling, a ring toss or even oversized board games. Some of which can be hired. Sometimes the reception side of things can feel a little long and drawn out, and so games could add a lovely competitive fun element to your big day.

I hope this has offered you some inspiration for your evening wedding reception!