Wedding Update: All the details!

wedding update

Well, it’s suddenly JUST SIX MONTHS until my finance and I get married! It’s such a cliché but I honestly don’t know where the time has gone. It’s already getting close to the end of January and I’m sure time will feel like it’s speeding up the closer we get to July.

My partner proposed to me in Dublin in February 2015, and after having a chat we decided to get married in 2016 (I think he’s worried I’ll change my mind if we wait any longer haha).

To give you an update on our wedding planning, but mainly for my peace of mind, here’s all the details about where we currently are in our wedding planning process.


I knew where I wanted to get married pretty much immediately, and we didn’t even look at anywhere else after visiting the venue and having a chat with the lovely wedding co-ordinator. We are getting married at one of my most favourite places in the world, Cusworth Hall in Doncaster. I grew up going to the hall and it’s grounds and not only is it beautiful, it really means a lot to me. We’re having the whole thing there, so it also means no-one has to worry about getting from one place to the other. One of the things we’ve kept in mind while planning our wedding is making sure it is as relaxed and fun as can be, so it’s great that the ceremony and reception can all be at the same place.

Guest list

This was actually a lot harder than I thought it would be, but it’s all done now and we know who we’re inviting. We are quite restricted when it comes to how many people we can invite to certain parts of the wedding, but we can invite others to the night do so we’ve managed to fit all of our close friends and family in.


Well, this was an expensive surprise! We’re trying to have a ‘budget’ wedding, but the registrar is an expense we can’t help. We’ve paid our deposit and we’re hoping to get in to give our notice to wed soon. I had no idea before this process that we would have to have a meeting to proclaim our intention to wed but apparently that is what you do!

Bridesmaids, Maid of Honor and Best Man

These have all been chosen and informed, and I am so so so proud to have my two sisters as my Joint Maids of Honor. They’re being fab as I knew they would and they are also planning my hen do for me. I just hope they don’t make me cry or embarrass me on the wedding day. They know too much!!


We’ve chosen all of our vendors and it’s going pretty smoothly (although there have been a couple of bumps in the road..). Luckily we went for some recommended vendors so we haven’t had to take much time researching. We’ve got a tasting coming up soon and I’m really happy with the vendors we’ve chosen for the evening food. It’s going to be a very delicious time!

We’ve also sorted our bar and we’ve met a lovely photographer who knows Cusworth Hall well and will undoubtedly do an amazing job.


Neither Rob or I are particularly bothered about having a wedding cake, and, as they are one of the biggest expenses at a wedding we just decided to scrap it. Instead, we’re going to have a ‘cake buffet’, asking our friends to bring their own, so we will have a table full of cupcakes and other baked delights. I’ve already planned what I’ll be baking which I am very excited about.


As soon as Rob asked me to marry him I knew THE DRESS would be an issue for me. I’m picky, awkward and I don’t really like wearing dresses right now. On the search I’ve been poked, judged, squeezed and made to put a bag over my head to avoid make up stains but at last I think I have found my dress. I think so anyway. I could easily change my mind. I last tried it on at Christmas which wasn’t great for my self esteem so I’ll have to re-visit this now I’ve spent some time eating green food instead of mainly living on cheese.

Hair and make up

I’ve decided I am going to get someone else to do my make up. I’ve booked myself in for a trial at a beauty salon in February which I’m really looking forward to.


We bought our invitations AGES ago but I can’t find the ‘perfect pen’ to write them with. This is something I’m going to have to get on with soon as we haven’t sent out save the dates and as our wedding is in July we need to make sure nobody books their holiday at the same time. As we’re having a pretty small wedding most of our guests already know when the date is so I’m not too worried.

Wedding rings

This is something we haven’t done yet. We have a good idea of what we want but we need to get out and have a look!


Decorations are an on going process. I keep finding really cute stuff online that I love and I know what I want. My sister Amanda is making bunting for the wedding and we’re all collecting jars to create things like tealight holders.


As Rob is a DJ it makes sense that we’d create our own playlist. To make things a little more fun we’re asking all of our guests to pick a song, and then it’s going on random!


We’re going to Rome for our honeymoon, and I could not be more excited! Rob and I have so much fun on our holidays and I think this will be the best one.