Weddings: Easy way to dress the stag and hen crew

There are numerous ways to embarrass the bride or groom during the pre-wedding send off. Stag and hen dos are as British as tea and knobbly scones. You can’t miss the parade of inflatables and costume ranging from the role reversal bikini for the man or the naughty nun complete with L plates chained to a blow-up hunk. Stag and hen do tourism even has its own Wikipedia entry. An institutional group invasion/bonding experience based around fun and hedonism.

Finding a costume is a mind-field with Google showing over 2 million search results for dressing-up costumes for both stag and hen dos. From the risqué to the ridiculous the advent of the stag do can be traced back to firth century Sparta, when soldiers would feast and toast the end of bachelorhood.

Lowkey fun but still on tour

An easy option for unifying the group is a unique image or message emblazoned across a T-shirt. Instant team bonding without the outfit faff.  A printed T-shirt for a group can cost a little over £5 each where as a centurion outfit or a naughty nun headdress starts at £15 respectively.

Lost property

Have you seen anyone wearing a yellow T-shirt with a black ball and chain on the front? What a question! But should you lose a member of the team in a foreign country, pictures speak a thousand words.

Shame them one last time

One of the unique traits of these last stand celebrations is the license to embarrass the hen or groom.  A T-shirt is a cheap way to raise a laugh from the past, how many of us have hugged a toilet midway through a party and found the painful Facebook image has 100s of likes?

Cool to be kind

Shame is not the only way to dress the crew. Your local football club, pub or catchphrase could also emblazoned across the chests of party-group. The late pop star George Michael encouraged millions to don the WHAM! slogan. Use your imagination and “I heart Bieber” could bring about a whole level of fun and gags.

Once it’s on, it stays on

All dressed up and no way to escape. Once it’s on, it stays on. A uniform is a way to keep the group together by creating a common bond before the fun has even began. What is worn on tour, stays on tour.

*Guest post*