Weddings: Father Of The Bride – The Job List

Everyone can be busy when you are planning a wedding. You and your fiance will, of course, be very preoccupied with lots of organising and booking venues and entertainment options, and I’m sure your bridesmaids and best man will all be mucking in to help. Does your Dad feel slightly left out? He shouldn’t do; there is plenty you can get him to help with.

Here’s a list of jobs that the father of the bride can do to help you during your wedding planning.

Write A Speech

No wedding is complete without the speeches after the wedding breakfast. Traditionally, the groom, best man, and father of the bride all give a speech. So, it’s important to remind your Dad that he needs to write a speech for your big day. He doesn’t have to write anything detailed. He could just jot down a few notes so that he doesn’t forget what to say, for instance.

Help The Guys With Their Outfits

It’s important that the groom and best man look their best on the wedding, and most fathers of the bride like to help out with this. If your Dad knows a good tailor, he could take the guys with him to get a tailor made suit each so that they look super smart. If the groom and best man aren’t particularly interested in getting a posh suit, your Dad can still help them find a reasonably priced one that looks smart and elegant.

Book The Transport

Most brides and grooms get the father of the bride to organise the wedding transport. This will include the car to take you and your Dad to the church and the car that takes you and your new hubby to the reception. On the day of the wedding, you Dad should keep in touch with the car hire company so that they arrive on time and don’t hold up your wedding!

Be A Good Host

If your Dad is the social butterfly type, then your Dad can be the main host for the celebrations and greet all the guests when they arrive. You and your new husband will probably be very busy throughout the whole day, and you might not have time to get around all your guests to say hello. Especially if you have invited everyone you know! But don’t worry, your Dad can step in and greet everyone on your behalf.

Ensure Everyone Leaves Safely

The father of the bride is normally one of the last guests to leave the reception venue. So, it’s important that he ensures all of your guests leave the venue safely. If someone has had a bit too much to drink, your Dad can help them get to their transport so that they make it home (that is if he hasn’t had too much to drink himself!). 

There’s plenty your Dad can help you with to make sure that your big day is a huge success, but no matter how big or small the job, your Dad will love being involved; I know mine did!