Weddings: Fun Anniversary Date Ideas and Marriage Update

One of the nicest things about being married is knowing you have an anniversary date to celebrate each year. After the wedding, brides can sometimes feel a little lost at what to do with themselves; I’ve spoken to many brides who have experienced the post-wedding blues. After the excitement dies down and the transformation from ‘bride’ to ‘wife’ is complete, the next thing to be excited about is the first wedding anniversary.

I got married last year and I spoke about my experiences planning the wedding (see here, and here). My wedding day was wonderful and I’m happy to say that our first year as a married couple has been a breeze. Life has thrown us problems but we have stuck together and we’re happier than ever. (Apologies if this makes you want to vom).

Here are some fun ideas for celebrating your anniversary, no matter how many years you’ve been married 🙂

Buy a personalised gift

Personalised gifts are ideal for anniversary presents. I wanted to find something personal that we could enjoy on the day, and I found you can buy personalised alcohol with pewter labels, and thought they would make a fun gift that we can both enjoy, and keep after to use as a fancy candle for date nights. I chose personalised champagne – because you should always celebrate with champagne – and I was extremely impressed with how fast it arrived and how stunning it looks! I got the champagne from an online store, GiftsOnline4U; the shop stocks more than 4,500 personalised and engraved gifts for all occasions. And other than the champagne, they also do pewter labelled wine, prosecco, port, whisky and brandy so there is a gift to suit every taste. The labels are embossed so it looks very professional, unlike some other brands who just slap a sticker on. You can customise the whole label, I chose to go simple this time but you can add whatever you want. A nice idea would be to include an in-joke or something special for the two of you.

We drank this champagne with a home-cooked meal and watched Netflix, it was perfect.

Make them a hamper full of their favourite things

This is so simple but it’s really sweet and when I made one for Rob he was chuffed. You don’t have to spend much; go out and buy their favourite sweets, treats, some relaxing or pampering products and an alcoholic beverage or two. You know your spouse better than anyone and they’ll be really touched to see all of their favourite things in one lovely hamper.

Go for a picnic

One of my ideas for our first wedding anniversary was to go for a picnic at Cusworth Hall where we got married, but alas the weather didn’t quite agree. I think having an anniversary picnic is a fun, budget idea for your special date: pick up a selection of snacks, strawberries and sausage rolls and enjoy the sunshine. You can also bring along some fizz to set the occasion.

Have a meal at the first restaurant you visited together

If you had your first date at a restaurant, then go back on your anniversary and enjoy how much has changed since then. If you didn’t go out to eat on your first date, then go to the first place you went to as a couple, or if you have a favourite restaurant, go there and eat to your heart’s content.

Do something you’ve never done before

If you’re bored of meals and champagne, why not try something completely different? Have you and your spouse always fancied going bungee jumping? Visiting a new city? Learning to scuba dive? Spend the money you would have spent on a meal on something fun and unique with your best friend.

Go on a mini break

Your wedding anniversary is the perfect excuse to pack your bags and head off on a travelling adventure. We’re off to Amsterdam soon for a city break, and I can’t wait to spend some time together exploring!

*I was kindly gifted a product from GiftsOnline4U but all ideas, opinions and words my own*