Weddings: No Two Brides Are The Same

In the world of marriages, it makes no doubt that each wedding is unique – even if its décor, style, and theme are inspired from the latest bridal magazine. But what makes the uniqueness of a wedding comes down to the groom and, our interest here, his bride. Everyone is different: We all have our own dreams, our own standards, and our own expectations. That explains why some brides frown at the idea of a wedding abroad, while others couldn’t picture getting married in their birth town. It’s part of what makes people unique and what gives every wedding a magical perspective. To boil things down to one single element of observation: When you’ve seen a wedding, you have not seen all weddings, and far from it. After all, no two brides are the same! Here’s the proof.

Different Traditions

Wedding traditions vary all over the world. In Germany, for example, it is traditional to break porcelain to bring luck to the couple. Asia offers a world of rituals by itself, from India to China, not two weddings are the same – proof is that Asian wedding photography has such hard work to capture the abundance of vivid colours. In Russia, the couple is said to take a bite of bread with salt after the ceremony: The one who takes the largest bite wears the pants in the relationship! In short, rituals give a wedding its local and authentic flavour!

Different Styles

Every bride wants to be beautiful; it’s human. But not every bride has the same idea of what beautiful means. While some brides might love a romantic hairstyle with plenty of 1950s curls; others would love to show some colours with rainbow hair or even a bright red head. Beauty is what you make of it, so there’s no reason why a natural makeup style wouldn’t be just as beautiful as a glamour goddess bride.After all, it’s your day, so you’re in charge of beauty.

Different Attitudes To Romance

While it’s difficult not to imagine a white wedding with a sweet bunch of flowers for the bride, it doesn’t mean that every bride pictures her wedding like that. More and more wedding ceremonies are embracing atypical wedding themes, such as Harry Potter or Game of Thrones. The themes define a décor, the bridalwear, and sometimes the entire schedule of the celebration. If you thought that there could be nothing worse that a butterbeer cocktail for your wedding party, then you are not a true Harry Potter fan. And that’s fine: Someone else beat you to it!

But Always The Same Feeling

But in the end, all the weddings agree on one thing: At the core of it, love is always in the air. Whether you decide to get married in a brightly coloured bridal dress, or whether you choose a fairytale theme for the celebration party, what matters is that you get married for the right reason: Out of love. Not two brides are the same, but their hearts beat to the melody of love in the same way. That’s what makes your wedding day truly magical.