Weddings: Perfect Venue? Essential Questions To Ask Yourself To Find Out If It’s Perfect For Your Big Day


The venue is one of those things that takes the most time choosing when you are wedding planning. After all, you want a venue that you both love and will be ideal for your guests. Therefore, you don’t want to rush into making a decision when it comes to the venue. You need to book in to see a couple of different venues before making a second visit to your favourites. That way, you know that there is nothing else out there that will be ideal for your needs. Here are some essential questions to ask yourself to find out if the venue is perfect for your big day.

How private is the venue?

You need to look around the venue and decide if there will be enough privacy for your wedding. After all, you don’t want random people to be wandering around your wedding reception. Therefore, you should talk to the coordinator about who exactly will have access to the venue during the wedding day. It can be difficult to have a private wedding at a hotel where people are staying as guests. However, some places you can pay extra so that nobody else will be at the venue during the day. That way, you can all have a lovely time at the reception without worrying about strangers causing a scene!

What are the surroundings like?

It’s so important to think about photos when you are looking for the perfect venue for your wedding. You don’t want somewhere where there is limited surrounding to take pictures. Therefore, when you are looking for a venue, make sure you take a look at the views around the place. You want somewhere similar to Clevedon Hall which has picturesque grounds; ideal for taking photos. A lot of brides to be take their photographer with them when they are deciding on a venue. They will be able to take a look around and will decide if there are any good photo opportunities at the venue. After all, you don’t want to regret your photos in years to come!

Will the venue fit your theme?

You need to make sure that the venue you choose is suitable for your wedding theme. If you are hoping for a modern wedding, you don’t want to choose a barn which is suitable for a country theme. Therefore, think carefully about your theme before viewing any venues. As this article says, it will save you a lot on decorations and decor if the venue is already suited to your wedding theme!

Is it a suitable location for everyone?

Of course, the wedding venue needs to be perfect for you and your beau. But you need to make sure you are thinking of everyone else too when choosing a venue. You don’t want to choose a location which is far away from all your guests. Also, you don’t want to pick somewhere which is not suitable for elderly guests. Therefore, make sure it’s suitable for everyone before making a decision!

Remember to make sure that you go for a venue which is well within your budget. You don’t want to leave yourselves struggling for money over the next few years. However, as we discussed previously, it is a wedding detail you should not scrimp on!