Weddings: Why Are Rings So Important?

If there is one aspect of a wedding that towers above all, the dress, the flowers, the music and the venue – it is the ring. Two pieces of jewelry that don’t just look good, but say ‘forever’. You can get far without major planning in a wedding, but if you haven’t got the right rings – everything can go wrong.

With rings, you can’t afford to wing it. Get the right rings ordered and fitted before a disaster on the day of the wedding. Everyone deserves their dream wedding and that won’t really happen if the rings aren’t right. It can be a real spoiler?

When we look back into history, we can start to see the importance of the ring and learn why it can be missed on the big day. Why did we even start giving rings? Well – the ancient Egyptians that lived on the banks of the twisting River Nile used to exchange rings with loved ones nearly five thousand years ago. These rings were made from the reeds found in the Nile, or leather from animals. The ring was seen as a symbol of life and love by the Egyptians who regarded circular jewlery highly. With its African origins, it was the Romans who pretty much invented the modern wedding ring. The Roman Empire operated in Egypt, so perhaps they caught onto the idea? The rings of the Romans featured heavy personalization with initials, dates and other carvings being featured on jewelled bands. The religious aspect of marriage was featured when the holy cross became carved on wedding rings – showing that a marriage was blessed and valid under the eyes of God. Since then, we’ve pretty much done exactly the same – giving personalized jewelry to seal a pact of love.

History shows us why rings are expensive – because you’re only meant to buy one! Times have changed though. What should you  spend on a wedding or engagement ring? Well – whatever you like and can afford! There are plenty of options out there for both, from engagement designs by Verragio Rings to wedding bands offered by others. The market is yours to play. It is important to aim for meaningful over beauty – a wedding is an event that should be covered in symbolic meaning rather than pointless expense. Just because a certain ring is more expensive does not mean it is more meaningful, a wedding is about you and your partner and almost nothing else.

How do you get a good ring? Well – we already said that the market is yours to play, but you need a few things in place. You need a budget to stick to, not just for your ring but your wedding. You need to save to actually make that budget a reality as well. When it comes to the actual ring, consider your partner greatly. If they have a physical, hands-on job, they like the high-set ring you got for them, but it isn’t practical for their job.

If you can work hard on perfecting your choice of ring for your partner, everything else should come naturally. It might be the ring, above all – which is the most important part of a wedding.