What Constitutes Looking Your Best?

What constitutes looking your best? Is it how you feel on a certain day? Is it the effort you spend in makeup every morning? Is it the events you go to, and the general swagger you bring to your daily routine? Often it can be hard to pin down, and it’s likely a mixture of all of these things.

However, even the most perfect wedding dresses will be misrepresented if you don’t attribute your beauty to the following things. If you’re looking for that simple something extra to help you smoulder at the latest event you head to, or you simply want to feel better in your skin, here are a few tips for doing exactly those things and more:

Flaunt Your Walk

Each step that you take is something that reinforces to you if you’re worthy or not. This sounds a little intense and a little too extreme to think about, but it can be very true. Standing up straight with your shoulders back often helps our frame become the best that it is. There’s nothing someone can do to lower their status in a room than to slouch and physically fold into themselves. This is because our physical bodies are completely linked to our mental state. This means feeling proud leads to a better and more assertive posture, but also the converse is true.

When you stand up straight and completely own your posture you show that personal dominance that helps you feel more alert and reactive. This helps you look your best, because who doesn’t find someone confident attractive? Communication between people is much more than just verbal communication, body language is often deeply tied to the way in which we view one another and ourselves. From walking down the aisle to meeting our boyfriend/girlfriend’s family for the first time, standing up straight (in a relaxed, not uptight manner) can help us go far.


Smiling is something that is universal, and contagious. It might be that working on your teeth or gum health should precipitate you keeping confidence in your smile, but often this is a trivial matter. Smiling genuinely, with your entire face and your eyes, is so much more attractive and noticeable than a false smile. People know the difference. You needn’t beam ear to ear in a false manner, but notice just how the power of your smile can warm people to you, and help you take your outfit and beauty to the next level. After all, you cannot fake or purchase genuine warmth.

Rocking Uniqueness

There is no one the exact same as you on this planet. You might have a doppelganger or twenty of them, and might have been part of six identical sextuplets growing up. However, you are still you, and your physical interests and fashion choices, as well as your personality, contribute to who you are. Rocking this and being proud of it is the first place to helping you look phenomenal. Everyone loves people who feel comfortable in themselves, and sometimes that is as easy as saying to the world ‘I’m here and I love myself!’ In a world of similar mindsets and people, being different is truly a wonderful thing, and this will beam out of who you are like sunrays.

With these little considerations, you can be sure to enjoy looking your best time and time again, no matter the event.

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