Why Faux Leather Is The Way Forward

Today, there is no reason to buy real leather. With such high quality faux leather, you can still get that slick leather look without harming any animals. This is something I feel strongly about and you’ll never see real leather in my home or in my wardrobe.

So, when Fenetic Wellbeing introduced me to their #GoFaux campaign I really wanted to get on board. Fenetic Wellbeing are a mobility company who exist to provide customers with the right mobility products for their individual needs, and they have a great range of faux leather recliner chairs for those who want comfortable and ethical furniture.

So what is faux leather? 

Faux leather chairs look just as good as – if not better – than real leather and give living rooms a luxury feel.

Faux leather is also known as Polyurethane (PU), and is a man-made material that replicates the look and feel of genuine leather. It can be embossed with any texture, is water resistant, and easily cleaned and maintained so it’s pretty child and pet friendly!

One of the best things about faux leather is that it is cheaper than genuine leather, and most people can’t tell the difference. If you’re unsure whether a product is faux or not, look at the back of the material: if you see a woven fabric backing, it’s PU (or vinyl).

Furniture that gives you a clear conscience

If you use faux leather products to decorate your home, then you can do with a clear conscience. Faux leather products are perfect for those who care about animals, and people who are vegetarian or vegan. There’s never been more choice of cruelty-free products and so there is simply no reason to pick any other kind of furniture.

My dream item from Fenetic Wellbeing is this Cavendish electric recliner chair – it is of course faux leather and comes with heat and massage features. Imagine watching Netflix while getting a massage from your chair, amazing! I also love the office massage chair, which would be perfect for my home office.

Would you buy genuine leather furniture or do you always go for faux leather? I’d love to hear your thoughts! #GoFaux

*This post is in collaboration with Fenetic Wellbeing*