Worldwide Wedding Traditions That Are Worth Considering on Your Big Day

Weddings can be incredibly detailed, diverse and interesting to attend especially if there are a lot of cultural or traditional influences. However, if you’ve never been to weddings in different countries, then you might not understand some of the more wacky or interesting wedding traditions out there.

So in this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the best worldwide wedding traditions that are worth adding to your big day.

Filipino Doves

As part of a traditional Filipino wedding, the bride and groom both release two doves into the air from their hands. This is said to represent a peaceful and harmonious life together.

French Croquembouche

A croquembouche is a tower of delicious cream-filled pastry puffs that are stacked high and glazed with caramel, fruits, nuts and lots of other little goodies. It’s a delicious tradition that is popular at French weddings and can even replace the wedding cake. It looks absolutely stunning and is well worth considering as an addition to your wedding.

Italian Confetti

In Italian, confetti is the word given to sugary treats like sugared almonds that are given to wedding guests at the reception as favours. They’re not meant to be thrown at anyone!

Celtic Traditions

Whether it’s something simple like the Celtic Handfasting Ceremony or using the concept of a “dark” and “light” half of a year to plan your wedding theme, Celtic traditions are charming, unique and a lot of fun to add to your wedding. To help explain it, I’ve added an infographic below.

Infographic Source: Claddagh Rings


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